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Weekly shopping and menu for 2/8

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This wasn’t a great couponing week! There was just nothing great on sale, so I decided to do most of my shopping at Aldi. I was gonna do all of it there, but then I saw Kroger had great deals on milk and eggs, and I had a few digital coupons from Kroger for some free items.




3 half gallons milk: $1.25 each
Eggs: $1.25- great price!
Pads- $2.59
Thomas bagels, Ragu pasta sauce, and Yoplait Greek yogurt: all FREE! Kroger always has a free Friday download, and will sometimes put digital coupons for free stuff in your account, so always keep an eye out!

Total: $7.78- 58% savings

Frozen peas: $.89
Cheese ravioli: $2.49
Tater tots: $1.69
Whipped cream: $.89
Romaine lettuce: $1.99
Whipping cream $1.89
Mayo: $1.89
Cream of chicken soup: $.59
Sour cream: $.59
2 pounds carrots: $1.29
Tomato sauce: $.25
Onion powder: $.99
Croutons: $.89
Cottage cheese: $2.29
Celery: $1.19
2 cans tomato paste: $.78
Cheddar cheese soup: $.79
Broccoli: $1.79
Cauliflower: $1.79
2 cans crushed tomatoes: $1.90
3 pounds onions: $1.29
Sliced cheddar cheese: $1.99
Oatmeal: $2.29
2 cans tuna: $1.30
Wheat bread: $.50

Total: $34.93


Sams Club:
Can you tell we love cheese? =) A 5-pound bag is $11.49. Sams also sells ground turkey for $2.59 a pound, so we buy that instead of ground beef; we can’t tell the difference. Both of these were free after using a $25 gift card I got from Swagbucks!We also bought 2 pillows for $10.

Weekly Total: $52.71
Under budget, yay! Although Aldi didn’t have the parmesan cheese and black olives I wanted. John will go after work this week to see if another Aldi has it, but it’ll only bring the total up by around $3.

I chose to challenge myself this year to use my slow cooker once a day this entire year! I’ll usually do one breakfast, one dessert/bread, and 5 dinners/side items.

Sloppy joes
Parmesan tomato soup
Tuna melts with broccoli cauliflower gratin
Cheesy ravioli
Kraft mac and cheese, with Slow cooker pancake for breakfast
Tater tot casserole
Leftovers and Carrot cake

Are you eating anything awesome this week? Post in the comments below!

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