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Weekly shopping and menu for 3/1

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Construction paper: $1.99. Not grocery, but I usually buy little things like this with my grocery budget.
Trial sized lotion: $.80
Taco shells: $2.09. Mad at myself over this one; I thought these were the ones on sale for $1, but I didn’t pay enough attention.
Guacamole: $2.99, used a $1/1 coupon to make it $1.99.
Curry powder: $3.39
Peanuts: $2.29
Quinoa: $2.89
Steel cut oats: $3.50, used a $1/1 coupon to make it $2.50.
Coffee creamer: $1 each! This is a great price for the 16-oz bottles, even without coupons, so I had to stock up.
4 2-liters: $1 each, used two $1/2 coupons to make them $.50 each!

I also had a 5% off Grocery mPerk and 10% off General Merchandise mPerk, which took off $1.60 from all this!

Total: $24.80

Sam’s Club
5 pounds ground turkey: $12.95

Total: $12.95

Bell peppers: $1.69
Onions: $1.29
3 cans diced tomatoes: $.59 each
Greek yogurt: $3.89
2 pound bag of black beans: $2.29
Canned pumpkin: $.89
2 bars cream cheese: $1.29 each
Taco seasoning: $.35
2 cans garbanzo beans: $.85 each. These are from Meijer; I had to make another trip because Aldi didn’t have these.
Green chiles: $1.09. Same as above.

Total: 17.54
Weekly total:  $55.29
Under our weekly budget, but it makes up for the overage we had last week.

Cream cheese chicken taquitos 
Mexican quinoa bowl 
Leftovers with Hot chocolate steel cut oats for breakfast
Curried chicken chickpea stew 
Spanish rice inside tortillas with black bean salsa
Anniversary dinner out with the three of us! And Slow cooker pumpkin bread  
Date night without Allison, with Slow cooker pumpkin granola for breakfast

Did you find any good deals this week? Share below!

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