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Weekly shopping and menu for 2/22

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Something happened this week that doesn’t happen often. We had a lot of money left over after I made up the menu. Like, a lot more than I usually do. Part of it is because I’m cooking a 13-pound turkey that we had in the freezer, so I’m using that instead of chicken in almost all the recipes for this week. Pair that with cheap ingredients for each recipe, and there’s suddenly an extra $25 to spend! Here’s the breakdown.



Sam’s Club
Here’s what I chose to spend that excess money on:

Paper Towels: $16.48
Frozen blueberries: $6.98. This one was kind of an impulse buy, but I’ll use it to put in our waffles and muffins this week.

Total Cost: $24.65

Milk: $1.00
Coffee Creamer: $2.39 each, used a $1/2 coupon to make them $1.89 each!
2 cartons cottage cheese: $1.00 each
Sour cream: $1.00
2 bags Starbucks coffee: $3.99 each on the clearance shelf! This was a major impulse buy, and I saw I had a $2/2 coupon to make them only $2.99 each!
Applesauce: $2.19
4 boxes of pasta: $.69 each, used two $1/2 coupons to make each box only $.19!

Total Cost: $16.71

French baguette: $1.49
Eggs: $1.79
Romaine lettuce: $1.99
Tortilla chips: $1.19
2 cans corn: $.49 each
2 cans kidney beans: $.59 each
5 cans cream of chicken soup: $.59 each
2 cans tomato paste: $.39 each
Frozen vegetables: $.89
Taco seasoning: $.35
Bacon bits: $1.39
Tomato juice: $1.29
Brown sugar: $1.19
Flour: $1.29! This is usually $1.59, so I may stock up in case it’s a limited time price.
Greek yogurt: $3.89
Banana peppers: $1.49
Butter: $.69

Total Cost: $24.82

Weekly total: $66.18. We had a little extra money from last week so we’ll only end up about $1 over budget.

Turkey with Slow cooker mashed potatoes
Cheesy garlic chicken over spaghetti noodles
Leftovers plus French toast casserole for breakfast
King Ranch Chicken
Chicken and black bean soup
Chicken pot pie

Do you have great dinners on the menu this week? Post in the comments below!

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