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Weekly shopping and menu for 2/15

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I think I did pretty good this week! Things were a little tight because I spent more at Sam’s than I usually do, so we’re doing a few cheap meals. I don’t usually shop at 4 stores for my trips, but when I do, I tend to spread it out over a couple days.





Kroger has a pretty good Mega Sale going on the next 2 weeks! I couldn’t do much stocking up but next week I foresee myself buying more coffee creamer. 😉

2 Suave shampoo: $1.19 each, used a $2/2 coupon from the newspaper = $.19 each!
Eggs: $1.25
2 blocks Pepper Jack cheese: $1.99 each, used two $.75/2 printable coupons = $1.24 each!
Coffee Mate creamer: $2.39
Ronzoni pasta: $.69
Zatarain’s yellow rice: $1
Starburst gum: FREE with the Free Friday Download

Total: $8.36

Sam’s Club:
No picture because I got home late that night.

Baby wipes: $17.86
6 pounds bananas: $2.98
1 gallon milk: $2.79
Skippy peanut butter: $9.18
5 pounds chicken breasts: $9.98

I used another $25 gift card I got from Swagbucks, which really helped!
Total: $19.08

3 pounds sweet potatoes (Not pictured, oops): $1.89
5 pounds Gold potatoes (Also not pictured): $1.99
Sugar: $2.09
4 cans corn: $1.96
2 blocks cream cheese: $2.58
Butter: $.69
Honey: $2.99
2 cans sweetened condensed milk: $2.76
Cream of chicken soup: $.59
Whipping cream: $1.89
Greek yogurt: $3.89
Clubhouse crackers: $1.45
Oatmeal: $2.29

Total: $27.08

Yeast: $3.69
Parmesan cheese: $3.49, used a $.75/1 mPerks coupon= $2.74

Total: $6.43

Weekly total:  $60.95

Macaroni and cheese
Chicken fettuccine alfredo and Granola for breakfast
Cranberry chicken
Leftovers and Banana pudding
Hot dogs and Baked sweet potatoes
Ground turkey and potato hash with Creamed corn
Chicken and rice casserole

And with all those bananas, I’ll be making these Banana Greek yogurt muffins! Allison LOVES them with breakfast, so I’ll be making two batches and freezing them to use for the next couple weeks.

Eating anything good for dinner this week? Tell us in the comments below!

Jessica Owens

Saturday 31st of March 2018

Thank you! I can’t believe I’ve never seen before & I’ll definitely check out the website you referenced!

Jessica Owens

Saturday 31st of March 2018

I’m new to your blog but I’m devouring it! This might be a silly question but I see you use both digital and printable coupons for savings at the grocery. Can you explain where you get each? I have a couple grocery store apps but they don’t seem all that generous. ?


Saturday 31st of March 2018

Hi Jessica! The digital coupons I use are Kroger's digital coupons, Meijer's mPerks, and then the Ibotta app for rebates. As far as printable coupons, has a complete list of coupons you can print. If you want to do a search, go to and go to her Coupon Database. That's where I find specific coupons. =) Hope that helps!

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