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Weekly Shopping and Menu 6/7

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60 dollars a week shopping and menu

It was a great week! I got a bit of free stuff from Kroger, and I found out our Aldi is closing next week for 8 weeks, for renovations, and so a bunch of stuff was marked down. Come see what I got!



Thomas bagels: Free after customer bonus e-coupon
Colgate toothpaste: Free after customer bonus e-coupon
Kraft BBQ sauce: Free after Free Friday Download
Eggs: $2.29

Total: $2.29, but I used cash from last week so it doesn’t count toward this week’s total



4 boxes pasta: $.89 each
Parchment paper: $2.99
5 bags frozen broccoli: $.80 each
Brown rice: $1.79

Total: $11.84 after a 5% off grocery mPerk!




Gluten free cheese crackers: $.89. We only bought it because it was really cheap and wanted something different for Allison.
Romaine hearts: $1.99
2 bags tortilla chips: $1.19 each
Baby carrots: $.99
Bacon bits: $1.39
Guacamole pouches: $1.49
Cream cheese: $.99
Chex cereal: $2.29
3 pounds sweet potatoes: $1.99
5 pounds blueberries: $.99 each
5 pounds strawberries: $.99 each. I plan on freezing all of these for smoothies!
Sour cream: $.99
Greek yogurt: $1.95. One of the things on clearance, I was happy!
Yogurt ranch dressing: $1.25, another impulse buy.
3 containers of hummus: $.89 each. These were all on clearance!
Zucchini: $1.49.

Total: $33.64
Weekly total: $45.48
. I’m way under budget right now, but I need to buy Fels Naptha soap and a couple fresh things Thursday, so that’ll bring up the total a bit.


Honey mustard mozzarella chicken– we were going to do this last week but had something else instead
Buffalo chicken salad
Pasta with leftover chicken spaghetti sauce from last week, and frozen broccoli
Chili from the freezer
Hot dogs and sweet potato fries
Cookout- bringing jalapeno ranch dip

Baked oatmeal from freezer
Pancakes from freezer

Did you get any good deals this week? Share with us below!

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