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Weekly Shopping and Menu 5/31

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60 dollars a week shopping and menu

I’m so proud of myself this week! I’ve been eating healthier and wanting to buy healthier things like whole wheat flour, and I was able to buy everything I wanted AND stay under budget!


Weekly Shopping and Menu 5/31- Meijer


2 bottles supplements: $10.49 each, but were Buy One Get One free, so I only paid $10.49 for both.
Softsoap bulk soap: $3.00
Frozen green beans: $1.25
Bacon: $2.50
Canadian bacon: $2.50

Total: $20.72

Weekly Shopping and Menu 5/31- Aldi


Hummus: $1.99
Spinach: $1.79
Crushed tomatoes: $.95
Greek yogurt: $3.69
Almond milk: $2.29
2 cans diced tomatoes: $.55 each
String cheese: $2.79
Frozen peas: $.95
2 gallons milk (one not pictured): $1.69 each
Parmesan cheese: $2.49
Whole wheat flour: $2.79
2 cans tomato paste: $.39 each
Broccoli: $1.79
Evaporated milk: $.79
Canned tuna: $.65
Wheat crackers: $1.25
Garlic: $1.99
Honey: $6.00. This was from the farmer’s market, local honey!

Total: $31.46
Weekly total: $58.18



Smoothies (from freezer), cereal, pancakes (from freezer)


Tuna casserole
Quesadillas with taco meat (from freezer) and Spanish rice
Honey mustard chicken with green beans and corn (already had in freezer)
Broccoli cheese soup
Chicken parmesan sandwiches with broccoli from freezer
Chicken fries (from freezer) and seasoned fries (from freezer)
Date night!

Did you find any good deals at the store this week? Share with us below!

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