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Weekly Shopping and Menu 5/17

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Weekly shopping and menu 5/17:

I had a really good shopping week! Had some extra money to spend at Sam’s Club for stocking up, and I’ll be eating out twice for my birthday so the grocery list was smaller.


Weekly shopping and menu 5/17:

Sam’s Club

This was a great trip! We had $60 to spend from our tax refund and I was able to stock up on SO much stuff.

5 pounds shredded cheddar cheese: $11.96
5 pounds shredded mozzarella cheese: $11.48
3 pounds bananas: $1.49
Ball Park beef patties: $16.47
Ball Park beef franks: $6.73
Hidden Valley ranch mix: $5.76
6.5 pounds pork loin: $7.71. This was marked down to $1.18/lb, holy cow!
5 pounds chicken breasts: $8.20. Marked down to $1.58/lb!
Taco seasoning: $5.28

Total: $75.08, but only $15.08 came out of groceries

Weekly shopping and menu 5/17:


Lotion: $2.99
Bar soap: $2.34
Pads: $3.59
3 bottles salad dressing: $1.00 each
3 bags frozen broccoli: $1.00 each

Total: $15.57

Weekly shopping and menu 5/17:


Romaine hearts: $1.99
2 bags croutons: $.89 each
Cereal: $1.79
Seasoned french fries: $1.79
Pineapple chunks: $.99
Salt: $.39
Canned corn: $.49
2 gallons milk: $1.69 each
Eggs: $1.29
Hummus: $1.99
Bananas: $1.14
Green peppers: $.69
Tomatoes: $.69
Baking powder: $.99
Bacon bits: $1.39
Baby carrots: $.99
2 cans tuna: $.65 each
Steak sauce: $.95
Hamburger buns: $.89

Total: $24.91
Weekly Total:


I decided to stop my challenge of using my slow cooker every day for a year due to financial and food waste reasons, so you won’t see as many slow cooker recipes in my menu.


Pancakes (Made from mix we already have)
Smoothies (From freezer)


Hamburgers, hot dogs, salad, fries
Skinny chicken alfredo
Chicken sandwiches (From freezer) with corn and creamy parmesan rice
Sweet and sour pork with rice and broccoli
Dinner with my family at El Toro
Birthday dinner at Chipotle

Allison’s lunch: Broccoli, pasta with parmesan cheese, tuna with sour cream mixed in, bananas

How did you do with your shopping this week? Let us know below!

Lisa Nolan

Sunday 17th of May 2015

You have inspired me! Wow! You make it look so easy and effortless! I must take the challenge, after tax refunds are in hand, LOL! Great job!

Janice Wald

Sunday 17th of May 2015

#Growyourblog Are you familiar with the Grocery Gadget App? I use it, send it to my husband, and he buys the stuff. Nice to meet you. Janice

Renee @ Bendiful Blog

Sunday 17th of May 2015

I need to get back to panning out my lunches again. I still plan dinners but started leaving lunches to whatever, and my budget isn't impressed!


Sunday 17th of May 2015

Daaang that pork loin was cheap, I'd never be able to find that here!


Sunday 17th of May 2015

Awesome job, looks like some great meals...and happy birthday!!

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