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Weekly Shopping and Menu 4/26

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$60 a Week Shopping and Menu-

I was surprised; I didn’t use any coupons this week! Unless you count the awesome 5% off Grocery mPerks coupon I had for this weekend. Come see what I found!

Weekly Shopping and Menu 4/26- Meijer


Lentils: $1.49
Frozen corn: $1.25
2 gallons of milk: $1.99 each
Strawberries: $1.50. I can’t wait till these go on sale for $1.00; they’re great in my smoothies!
8 packages of Crystal Light: $.99 each after the Buy 8, Save $8 sale. John likes to take the individual ones to work!

Total after the 5% off Grocery mPerks coupon: $15.45. I saved $1.21 with that coupon!

Weekly Shopping and Menu 4/25- Aldi

Weekly Shopping and Menu 4/26- Aldi


I bought so much at Aldi it took up 2 pictures! Love when that happens.

Fresh tortellini: $3.99. I thought Aldi sold frozen, and they didn’t have the small bags of dried tortellini, so I paid an extra $2 to get this.
Gold potatoes, 5 lb bag: $1.99
Spinach: $1.79
Tomatoes: $1.29
3 packages dressing mix: $.49 each
Romaine hearts: $1.99
Cream of chicken soup: $.79
Almond milk: $2.49
3 cans diced tomatoes: $.55 each
Banana peppers: $1.49
Evaporated milk: $.79
Ketchup: $1.39
Sour cream: $1.29
Ground beef: $4.99
Refried beans: $.79
Bacon bits: $1.39
Block of cheddar cheese: $1.79
Dill pickles: $1.49
Eggs: $1.39
Tortilla chips: $1.19
Hot dog buns: $.89
Hamburger buns: $.89
Broccoli: $1.79
Bananas: $2.06
2 packages tortilla shells: $1.49

Total: $44.05
Weekly total: $59.50. Over budget by about $3 because we were over budget last week, too.

I’m kind of mad at myself, but these things happen. The tortellini predicament brought me over a bit, and I knew I could have made the buns and even the tortilla shells at home to save even more money. Maybe next time I need tortilla shells, I’ll make my own for the first time and let you all know how it goes!


Chicken sausages (Bought from Sam’s last week) and homemade hamburgers with slow cooker roasted potatoes

Cheese tortellini
Cheesy chicken broccoli quinoa
Quesadillas with lentil and quinoa taco filling (Using up all the quinoa I bought last week!)
Slow cooker macaroni and cheese
Italian chicken


Breakfast burritos

Did you find any great deals this week? Share in the comments below!

Lisa Riggs

Sunday 26th of April 2015

You got so much stuff for that price!! You are talented at budget shopping!!


Sunday 26th of April 2015

Thank you! =) Aldi is definitely a blessing.


Sunday 26th of April 2015

Wow you got quite the all there....awesome ! Love great deals like this..thanks for sharing! Valerie


Sunday 26th of April 2015

Thanks! =) I was quite happy with my haul!

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