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Weekly Shopping and Menu 3/29

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYay for Kroger Mega Sales! I love being able to stock up on things that I won’t need to buy for awhile. Come see what I bought!


2 Old Spice deodorant, $2.29 each

2 bags frozen broccoli: $.88 each
2 dozen eggs: $.99 each
Skinny Cow iced coffee: FREE after free mPerks coupon
Kraft dressing: $.95 after Buy 5, Save $5
2 boxes Crystal Light: $.99 each after Buy 5, Save $5
2 Taco Bell queso dip: $1.50 each after Buy 5, Save $5

  • Used $1.50/2 Taco bell salsa con queso mPerk coupon
  • Final Price: $.75 each

Used $5.00 my entire order mPerk reward from spending $20 in Health Care previously
Used 5% off grocery/health care mPerk

Total: $5.12


Milk, half gallon: $1.00
Sparkling Ice drink: FREE after Free Friday Download coupon

Buy 10, Save $5:

4 bags Mrs. Cubbison’s croutons $.99 each

3 Mountain Dew Kickstarts: $.79 each
6 cans Red Gold diced tomatoes $.39 each

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish: $.99
Sour cream: $.79
4 boxes Barilla pasta: $.69 each

  • Used $1/4 Barilla blue box pasta printable (No longer available)
  • Final Price: $.44 each

Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce: $.99

Total: $12.34


Tortilla chips: $1.19
Frozen hash browns: $1.79
Romaine lettuce: $1.99
5-lb bag red potatoes: $1.99
Bananas: $1.72
Generic Velveeta: $3.99
2 cans corn: $.49 each
Refried beans: $.79
Onions: $1.29
Orange marmalade: $1.79
Kidney beans: $.59
Italian dressing mix: $.49
Frozen meatballs: $4.39
Cream of chicken soup: $.59
Jalapenos: $1.49
Frozen jalapeno poppers: $1.99
Tortillas: $1.19
3 bags flour: $.99 each! This is a huge stock up price.

Total: $31.22
Weekly total:


Dinner (Lunch is leftovers)

Cheesy buffalo chicken flautas
Orange chicken
Honey garlic meatballs
Cowboy casserole
Rice and beans with Cheesy bean dip
Easter dinner with family


Hash brown casserole
Oatmeal with blueberries

Did you find any great deals this week? Share below!


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