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Using for meal ideas!

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There are weeks when I have a hard time coming up with meals. My mind just… goes blank. And I’m looking for something different, not just the same old burritos and spaghetti each week. There’s a few places I visit for ideas: Pinterest, Allrecipes, and brand websites like I’ve never really considered brand websites before for recipe ideas, but I was surprised at all the amazing meals I found! They use their everyday products like the Grands! Biscuits or cinnamon rolls to make creative takes on normal meals. Like these Buffalo Chicken Waffles. I’ve heard of putting regular cinnamon rolls in the waffle maker, but biscuits? I’ll definitely have to try these!’s recipe section is huge. You can choose from meat type, desserts, holiday recipes, and more! I’m already adding some of these recipes to my list to use in the next couple weeks. You can sign up for their email newsletter to get new recipes through email.

I think the best part is their coupons page! I talked about looking for brand websites in my Couponing 101 series to see if they offer coupons, and this is one of them! I try to keep a couple of their biscuits/cinnamon roll coupons in case of a big sale, which happens often. I definitely recommend checking it out! Check out my store deals posts every week to see if Pillsbury items go on sale.

Have you tried any of these recipes? Share below!

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