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Weekly Recap- October 31st

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Weekly recap- October 31st

Oh my, this has been an interesting week! I have a cranky (and possibly teething) two year-old, who suddenly doesn’t want to leave her bed in the mornings, or eat breakfast, or change out of her wet diaper, or now even take a bath or go to bed. I just love dealing with a whiny toddler! Good thing she’s cute.

I definitely needed this after a rough day!

Wednesday morning our smoke alarm decided to wake us up at 4:30… and then exactly an hour later at 5:30. When it happened again around 9:15, I took the stupid things down, then took out the batteries during naptime. As I was doing so, a couple spiders crawled out of one of them. AAAAHHHHH! Turns out that one had become defective, and now I see why. That day was so stressful, trying to keep Allison calm while dealing with the random smoke alarm beeps. I swear, even after taking out the batteries, I was still paranoid about them going off again. I totally needed a drink after all this! Caffeinated, of course. No worries though, everyone, we put a couple detectors back up so we’re okay.

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 What I’m loving this week

Thanks, Shop Your Way, for the free K-Cups!

I mentioned something about this in Thursday’s post about my Fitbit, but I got my coffee in the mail! I can’t believe I haven’t been taking advantage of ShopYourWay and the rewards I earn just for walking. The points expire after a couple weeks, so I’ve essentially been wasting free money. I’m gonna start paying attention from now on!

I think I'm gonna really like ShopYourWay!

And then I logged in Friday morning to see I had an extra $5.00 in my account so I was able to order some snack bars to pick up at my local K-Mart! Pretty sure I’m gonna use all these rewards points to fuel my coffee and snack addictions.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!

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