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Weekly Recap 12-26

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Weekly recap 12-26-15:

I hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas! Yesterday was spent enjoying my family, eating way more than I should have, and watching Allison get spoiled rotten as the only grandchild. Now it’s time to get back into the regular routine; I’m heading to Meijer early this morning, though, to scan the Christmas aisles for marked down decorations! My favorite time of year, people. After you do your after-Christmas shopping, check out what you missed on the blog this week!

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5 Things I’m Loving This Week

recap 12-26-15 Kitchen

Allison’s new kitchen! I had no idea how much she loved food and cooking. There’s a play kitchen at our library, and there’s one in her new classroom at church, and she always migrates over there when she plays. She was so excited to get this for Christmas, so now we’ll have to go out and buy more food for her to play with!

Weekly recap 12-26-15:


My new Turbofire DVD set! John got this for me for Christmas. It’s been something I’ve wanted for awhile, as I’ve mostly just been doing PiYo but recently switched to random HIIT workouts on Youtube. I love Chalene and how she motivates, and I’m so excited to start this on Monday!

Weekly recap 12-26-15:

I love his face! But seriously, he’s off work for the next week and I’m glad to spend Christmas vacation with him. We have a lot of fun things planned for next week!

Weekly recap 12-26-15:

I loved being able to do the 12 Days of Christmas gifts for John! Day 12 was my favorite; it’s a book of dates for every month in 2016, and I found the templates here! Some of the date ideas I took from that site, but a few I made up. Now all we need to do is set the date and we already have something to do! If you missed my post on the gifts, click here to see what I did for the other 11 days.

Lastly, my sister got me a doughnut pan! We were just at Bed, Bath, and Beyond the other day and I saw this and thought about how cool it would be to have one. It’s like she read my mind! There will definitely be recipes and pictures up eventually.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone! Next week will be filled with updates, achievements, and new goals for 2016! I can’t wait!


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