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Weekly Recap 12-12

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Weekly recap 12-12-15:

I am SO glad the busiest part of the week is behind me! I think I did more this week than I did all last month, it’s crazy. I took part of a Christmas party for John’s work, a MOPS Christmas party, AND a women’s group Christmas event, all in the span of two days. Then shopping, prepping, and cooking the last three days! Today is John’s family Christmas, so all of my hard work from this week is about to pay off in the form of spending time with amazing family!

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Weekly recap 12-12-15:

Cooking! I spent a lot of yesterday baking and preparing for today’s get-together. John took Allison shopping and I got the kitchen to myself. Yesterday morning I ended up making a double batch of dinner rolls, banana bread, and cornbread for the stuffing.

A clean house. My house is never cleaner than when we have company! Super sad, but when you have a toddler, some things just work out that way. The floors were swept and mopped, the house was dusted, everything was picked up… it feels amazing! And we’ll be back to the same messy house on Monday. =)

Weekly recap 12-12-15:

Wrapping presents. Okay, I don’t love the actual wrapping. I just like knowing that they’re done. =) John did it for me because he’s much better at it!

Shopping alone! I went grocery shopping alone yesterday and it was awesome. I love shopping with my family too, but there’s something about being able to focus on what I need to buy without a toddler talking my ear off about wanting to walk around, look at the fish, smell the candles, etc.

Weekly recap 12-12-15:

Coffee creamer. Yeah, I may have a small problem. I had two coupons for $1.00 off, and another coupon in my Kroger account, so I got 4 of them for super cheap! This may or may not last me awhile.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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