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Winter Bucket List

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My winter bucket list for 2015! Would you add anything?

I’m extra excited about the holidays this year! I think it’s because Allison’s older now and understands a little more about what’s going on; she keeps asking for “Christmas time” and was so happy when we put the tree up. I want to be able to give her the most fun holiday season ever, so I came up with a winter bucket list of things we can do together; hopefully all before Christmas, but with the lack of snow so far, we may have to wait until January for a few of these!

My winter bucket list for 2015! Would you add anything?

I wanted something simple this year, mostly because I waited a little too long to put some thought into these. But I think this is a lot of stuff for a 2 year-old! I can actually cross two of these off my list: Bake cookies, and decorate the Christmas tree. I’m pretty sure we’ll bake cookies together again before Christmas, because that was just too much fun and she keeps talking about it.

I’ll be honest, I’m a little nervous about taking her to see Santa. She knows who Santa is but I’m pretty sure she’ll freak if I try to put her in his lap. She won’t even ride Sandy the Horse at Meijer, even though she likes to go up to it and pet it. I guess if anything, I’ll have a great picture of her crying face to show her when she gets older!

I’d better put them on my calendar now; December is already upon us and my schedule is filling up already with SO much stuff. But I like knowing that we’re making time for the fun stuff, instead of just running out for this errand, or that store to do more shopping. Here’s hoping I can cross them all off my list!

Is there anything specific you want to do this winter? I’d love to hear about them!

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