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Weekend Adventures

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Weekend Adventures-

Can I ramble for a bit today? This weekend was totally crazy and if I don’t tell someone, I’m pretty sure I’m going to explode. It was equal parts amazing and horrifying, but every bit of it true, I promise.

Weekend Adventures-

If you saw my Instagram post earlier last week, you’ll remember that our power went out last Tuesday, right after waking up and before getting my coffee. The power came back on 6 hours later and the outage was caused by “unknown causes”. Fast forward to Friday, 5:00 PM. We’re all in the living room playing, getting ready to head to a church cookout, when suddenly the power goes out again. Seriously, I was a little frustrated at that point. The electric company was notified, and we left for the cookout in hopes that the power would be on when we got back.

Weekend Adventures-

I do have to show this picture, though. There were other kids she was running around with, playing with balls and plastic baseball bats; and then she saw the dirt. She walked over, rubbed her hands in it, and that was enough to convince all the other kids to join in. We didn’t realize it, but she’s apparently a natural-born leader. She then spent the rest of the time playing in the dirt like a true kid.

Through the evening, John kept trying to check his phone for updates from the power company, but neither of us had signal. We figured it was due to us being so far back in the wooded area. When we got back home though, we still had no power and no cell signal. It was such an eerie feeling, knowing that we were in the dark, no power, and no way whatsoever to communicate with the outside world. We gave Allison a really good bath and put her to bed, then got ready for bed ourselves.

Enter horror movie mode. We were lying in bed talking, with two battery-powered lamps as our only light source, when I saw something out of the corner of my eye on the pillow I was leaning my head on. Now, I tend to hallucinate a lot at night, especially when it’s dark: spiders floating down from the ceiling, that sort of thing. So just thinking I was crazy, I ignored it until I saw it again. I sat up, grabbing one of the lamps, and started rooting around my pillow. Honest-to-heavens, this is the exact conversation John and I had:

“What are you doing?”
“…I thought I saw something.”
“What did you think you saw?”
*A huge spider crawls around to the front of my pillow and I throw myself out of bed* “THAT!!!!

It was the most horrifying moment in my existence, and I can’t imagine what would have happened if I had gone to sleep without noticing it. Needless to say, it took me a few minutes to regain my trust of the pillow. Thankfully, the power came back on at 11:00 that night, saving my sanity and all the food I bought that day.

Unfortunately, the cell signal was still out when I woke up the next morning, which freaked me out because I was driving to Columbus, an hour away, to get to a MOPS conference and I needed the GPS. Right before I left the house, it came back, and I headed to Kroger to do some grocery shopping and get Starbucks before driving to Columbus. Everything that could go wrong at Kroger, did go wrong, and you can read the details in yesterday’s grocery post. And when I got in line at Starbucks to get some of their new cold brew, they were out. I left, dejected, and sat in the car for a few minutes trying to convince myself to go back in and get something else, or go to McDonalds and use a Visa gift card I was using for groceries. I decided to forgo all of it and just drive without getting my special treat. And it was then I remembered how much I hated driving through downtown Columbus; stay in this lane, stay in that lane, HURRY UP AND SWITCH LANES RIGHT NOW!

Weekend Adventures-

It all worked out in the end, though! The MOPS conference was amazing; we had great conversation, and I ended up winning a $15 Starbucks gift card! Definitely looking forward to start using it.

To top it all off, when I got home, I tried to turn on my laptop and it wouldn’t turn on. Seriously. This was the third time in a few weeks that it’s done this, and John had to open it up and work some magic to get it to turn on again. I then realized that I couldn’t remember if I had everything backed up, and I almost cried because this is my blogging computer and everything is on it. Luckily, he got it to turn on, and it looks like everything is backed up and safe.

And that was my weekend. Holy crap. I’m beyond exhausted, but thankfully it’s a (slightly) slow week so I have a chance to recover. So, how was YOUR weekend?

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