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Wedding Anniversary and a Trip to the ER

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Today, March 5th, marks our 4-year wedding anniversary. I love this man to pieces! He is my everything and I’m so happy he’s in my life. We celebrated with a small dinner at Steak n Shake with Allison, and will have a date night, just the two of us, on Saturday. It was a great night!

I wish I could say the same about this morning.

For the past few days leading up to today, I’ve been experiencing heart palpitations, ranging from a few a minute to a few every hour. My heart skips beats every so often, no big deal. But then there are times like this, where it just won’t stop. I’ve had it checked out before, a couple years ago, but nothing ended up being wrong. It’s been a horrible few days, because I find myself worrying about it happening, and the anxiety of that just makes it happen more.

This morning, I decided to go to Urgent Care to get it checked out. I sat down with the receptionist, and after taking all my information and insurance, asked what I was coming in for. As soon as I said “heart palpitations”, she quickly looked over and asked another lady, “Do we need a nurse for that?” Not even a minute later, a nurse came up and started asking about my symptoms.

“Our Urgent Care doesn’t have the equipment for this,” she said with a friendly smile, “So I’ll need to wheel you down to the ER so you can get it checked out there.” And she ran off and came back with a wheelchair. I laughed a little and almost felt ridiculous being pushed the 50 feet or so to the ER.

Minutes later, after checking in, I found myself being stuck with needles and hooked up to machines to monitor my heart. I was there for two hours, and eventually the doctor came back and said all the bloodwork was normal, and he couldn’t find anything on the monitors. It’s basically just a case of “premature heartbeats”, which is completely normal when not accompanied by things like pain, nausea, or dizziness.

So, that’s great! There’s nothing wrong with me, but my heart is still skipping beats and I need to figure out how to stop it or prevent it from happening like this again. Here are my immediate goals:

  • Stop the coffee drinking. *Sobs* I only drink one cup a day, but the doctor recommended maybe stopping, so I’ll do a trial run of no coffee to see if that helps. Along with that, I’ll stop soda (Don’t drink much of that anyway) and chocolate (God help us all).
  • Drink more water. I read that being even mildly dehydrated can cause heart palpitations, so I’m going to up my water intake. My goal right now is 48 ounces a day.
  • Relax! I don’t think I have much stress right now, but hey, I have a toddler. I will try to take about 20-30 minutes a day to turn off the TV and music and just sit to de-stress.

For tonight, I’m just going to chill and watch some TV.

Any advice? Have you found any foods/lifestyle changes that have helped your heart issues?

Melissa Sanders

Friday 6th of March 2015

I use to work thirds and I would get them really bad. I was drinking a ton of coke and other caffeinated drinks. Once I stopped doing that and I make sure I get at least 8 hours of sleep they stopped. Now, if I have a period where I do not get the sleep I need, they came back. I can also really tell if I am not taking care of myself because that will trigger them to. So I now exercise, eat healthy and get good sleep.

Malissa Tracy

Friday 6th of March 2015

It sounds like its time to schedule a massage mommy ;)


Friday 6th of March 2015

my hert beats fast too but mine is stress related. def drink more water and watch sugar. im down to one coffee a week (my prechurch treat) that has helped! hope you can find some comfort!!

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