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Valentine’s Day Fun

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Valentine's Day fun!

This week I wanted to do something special and fun for Allison for Valentine’s Day. I’m not a really crafty person so I like to do a lot of simple things, which works for a 2 year-old who doesn’t have a huge attention span!

Valentine's Day fun!

The first thing I thought to do was give her a Valentine-themed lunch. I bought these miniature cookie cutters from Amazon, which came with a heart-shaped cutter that I’ve used with her lunches before. This week’s lunch was a cheese quesadilla cut into hearts, cucumber slices cut into hearts, and grapes and pretzel sticks. Now, Allison used to LOVE quesadillas. She’d devour them with sour cream and it was a go-to meal if there wasn’t anything else for her to eat. Nowadays, she just stares at it and asks for her milk. She’s also had a bit of a cold this week and hasn’t eaten much, so maybe that’s why she hasn’t touched it. But yep, the lunch you see here is just for show this week, apparently!

Valentine's Day fun!

We had been invited to a Valentine’s Day party today with my MOPS moms, but Allison and I have been sick the whole week and still haven’t fully kicked it. In hopes of getting better, we had made Valentines cards and a box to put cards in. I cut out hearts with construction paper and let Allison stamp hearts onto them using paint and a shaped toilet paper roll. She did really good! Some of the ones that were smeared around were Batman, she said. Hmm. Creative!

Valentine's Day fun!

The box is simply a cereal box, wrapped with inside-out wrapping paper and decorated by a toddler! Yep, the only wrapping paper I have has the marks on the back to show where to cut straight, but I don’t think she cares very much! Since we won’t be able to go to the party today, I let her put her own Valentines in the box. She got confused because she wanted to unwrap her “present”.

Part of me is excited for when Allison starts school. I loved bringing Valentine cards to pass around when I was young, and they make such cute ones now! I can’t wait to send her to school with little treats to give to her classmates.

Have a great weekend, everyone, and happy Valentine’s Day! Are you doing anything special?

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please refer to my disclosure policy for more information.