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Traveling With a Toddler: A Dramatic Timeline

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Traveling with toddler8:30 a.m.: She wakes up, still coughing and stuffy. And she’s given me her cold. I can already tell this trip will be awesome.

9:00: Finally sits down for breakfast after running after every toy and deciding she’s okay with a 12-hour wet diaper. Takes 2 bites of her muffin and declares herself done. I brush it off as her being sick.

11:00: Early lunch so we can leave early. Takes 3 bites of her banana, doesn’t even look at her chicken and vegetables. Daddy cleans up and turns off all the ceiling fans to prepare to leave. Allison runs around the house waving her hand around because the ceiling fans are off. “Yes, Daddy turned the ceiling fans off. Yes- yes, he turned the ceiling fans off. We’re going bye-bye.”

11:30: All packed up, in the car, and ready to go. Allison is still waving her arm around and saying “Dada? Dada?” There’s not a ceiling fan in sight.

12:30 p.m.: She’s looked through all 3 books, hugged all her stuffed animals, and watched about 10 minutes of Finding Nemo. I realize it’s getting close to her usual naptime and I pray she magically falls asleep. Every prodding of “Hey, I think it’s naptime!” is followed by a violent shaking of the head. She’s still asking about the ceiling fan.

2:30: No nap in the foreseeable future. My brain is starting to melt trying to keep her entertained. We stop for a diaper change and I give her lots of Goldfish and cookies.

3:30: We finally get to our destination. She runs around like crazy as if she never needed a nap in the first place.

6:00: Dinner. Chugs down her applesauce pouch, stares at the quesadilla she knows and loves, and grabs my shrimp instead. Immediately spits it out.

7:30: Bathtime and bed. Finally. She’s still asking about the ceiling fan as we’re getting her ready for bed. I do the normal bedtime routine, turn off all the lights in the hotel room, lay her in the play-yard, and run back to our bed pretending we’re not there so she’ll fall asleep. 30 seconds of silence, and then crying when she realizes she’s not in her own bed.

8:30: Finally falls asleep after some back rubbing. Sighing in relief, I get back in bed and do some work on the computer.

8:31: A hotel employee tries to break into our room thinking it’s empty. Allison wakes up and cries off and on for another half hour.

9:00: A hotel guest tries to enter our room. I decide not to sleep tonight.

10:00: I finally fall asleep listening to Allison’s coughing fits.

7:15 a.m.: She wakes unhappily, still sick.We get her dressed and ready for the day.

4:30 p.m.: After a long day of having to sit through long and quiet services with no nap, it’s time to head home. I hope and pray she falls asleep; she just stares at me and asks for crackers. After eating a veggie pouch and crackers, I tell her she needs to try and sleep. She screams like I just told her the world ran out of ice cream.

5:15: More whining. Her eyes start to droop and FINALLY she falls asleep. I get out my laptop and try to get some work done.

6:00: Her eyes snap open and she starts asking about the ceiling fans again. I put on Finding Nemo and she starts to whine again. I give her crackers and cookies to keep her quiet.

8:00: She’s had enough of the movie and keeps asking to look at pictures of herself like a narcissist. I indulge her and hold up my phone as she giggles to herself.

8:20: The car hits the driveway and I jump out as if seeing land for the first time. We get her and all her bedtime stuff inside, and she runs around excitedly because Daddy turned the ceiling fans back on.

8:30: I put her in her crib, and the last thing I hear before walking out is her talking about the ceiling fans. Within seconds, she’s passed out.

9:30: I go to bed exhausted, and I dream about my nice bed, my comfortable pillow, and ceiling fans.

Emily | Rainbow Delicious

Tuesday 31st of March 2015

I feel ya girl, I have had lots of similar trips with my toddlers... somehow we just have to find joy in this crazy mothering journey! :)

Janice Wald

Tuesday 31st of March 2015

Hi, I found you in the Grow your blog FB Group Your post reminded me of how hard those days can be. My girls are all grown now. It does get easier. Janice


Tuesday 31st of March 2015

Thanks! It's getting easier every day; it's amazing how much of an actual "person" she's becoming!


Tuesday 31st of March 2015

Yup, that's pretty much how it happened. Next time, I'll be sure to wait until she's in the car to turn off the ceiling fans! I had to laugh while reading, even though I lived it.

aimee fauci

Tuesday 31st of March 2015

I am never a fan of traveling with my kids but what choice do we have, right? Sometimes it is total hit or miss. One time we went to Disney and actually shelled out money to bring a 'helper'.. It was the best idea ever!


Tuesday 31st of March 2015

Oh, nice! We're calling it a training experience for an 8-hour trip we're taking late June. =)

Becky Hellwig

Tuesday 31st of March 2015

I sounds very similar except for the wet diaper and I love fish.

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