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Things I Love About Being a Bacon

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Things I love about being a Bacon-

International Bacon Day got me thinking of just how awesome my last name is. Seriously, it’s Bacon, what could be better? It’s everywhere, and it’s the new craze. A nearby city actually has an annual Bacon Festival. People are just in love, me most of all. I came up with a few reasons I just love being a Bacon; some are serious, some are just ridiculous. One thing’s for certain: Bacon makes everything better.

-I can wear shirts about bacon and smile because secretly I know it relates to me personally.

-People ask if we’re related to Kevin Bacon.

-I can give Allison cute nicknames like Bacon Bit.

-People have to do a double-take when asking for my name, because they just can’t believe someone can be named Bacon.

-Once they realize my name IS Bacon, they usually laugh and comment on how awesome it is. Anything to make someone’s day better!

-People don’t usually use John’s and my name. We’re just known as “BACONS!!!”

-I’m always commenting on my friends’ Facebook posts about Bacon. “Did someone say Bacon?” It’s probably pretty annoying.

-“Bringing home the Bacon” has a whole new meaning.

-I can eat bacon all day and not gain weight. (Actually not true, but how great would that be?)

-Our non-existent future children could have awesome names. Like Chris P. Bacon.

Go out and eat some bacon today!


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