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Listening to Audiobooks: Lame or Efficient?

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Listening to audiobooks: Lame or efficient?

I have a confession, and I blame John for it. I like listening to audiobooks now. It all started because John likes to listen to podcasts/audiobooks while doing the dishes, taking walks, and whatever else he does that just requires mindless activity. I thought it was kind of funny at first until I realized I wanted to read books but had no time. I tried listening to podcasts, but I just kept stopping them halfway through because I found them boring.

So when John told me I could check out e-audio books from the library, I was SO excited. All I had to do was install the OverDrive app and choose my local library, and I was able to download a book immediately and start listening to it.

Listening to audiobooks: Lame or efficient?


My first choice was the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. I had most of the series on my bookshelf, but the books were like over 500 pages long and I just didn’t have the patience/time to read for long periods. I figured if I could listen to it, I’d be more likely to finally finish the series. The problem with getting the audiobooks from the library is that I have it for 14 days…. and these books vary in length between 30-40 hours each. What. That’s like a full-time job listening to these things! Needless to say, I’m on my second time having the audiobook and I’m about 87% done as of today, and it’s due back in a couple days.

Now that I’ve discovered the wonders of e-audio books, I’m finding more empty space in my day to listen to it! In the shower, on my walks, while cooking, while working out (But only on the strength training videos; I can’t do Turbofire while listening to a long, drawn-out story, haha), during naptime… my new-found time is amazing, and my multi-tasking abilities have increased like 100%.

So what’s next after I finish the Wheel of Time series? I mean, it probably won’t be till like summer of 2018 at the rate I’m going… perhaps I’ll start Harry Potter again. I don’t have the books anymore, but I’ve forgotten a lot of it and want to experience the magic again! Do any of you listen to your books instead of reading? Any personal favorites you can suggest? Please share!


Thursday 7th of July 2016

I'm an Audiobook addict. I listen to a lot of books on Youtube. Also, if you are interested in older books that have entered the public domain, "" has some great audio recordings. They do a lot of classic books. It is a volunteer based website, so sometimes the reader sounds a little strange, but for the most part, it's great and free!


Tuesday 10th of May 2016

It all started when I checked out a book from the library (on a 3-week rental), and renewed it 3 times while only making it through the first few chapters. I was already listening to podcasts, so I decided to see if they had an audiobook version. They did, and I was able to listen to that in a few weeks, instead of having the book for 2+ months and only getting through a few chapters. I've since listened to several Audiobooks, and will be starting a new one this week.

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