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Hands Against Hunger Meal Packing

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Hands Against Hunger meal packing-

This past Sunday I had the privilege of helping my church pack 300,000 meals to send over to Swaziland, Africa. We worked with Hands Against Hunger, which is part of A Child’s Hope International.  These meals are sent to Swaziland, where our partner churches are, to help feed as many as we can. Swaziland is a country just infested with AIDS, and it’s been said that if they don’t get help, the country will die out, so we’re doing what we can do make sure that doesn’t happen.

We do meal packing every couple years or so, and I think I’ve been part of it just about every time. It’s great being able to work with like-minded people to reach our goal: to feed the hungry, both physically and spiritually. This year we had over 1,400 volunteers!

Hands Against Hunger meal packing-

John helped set up Thursday night and took a few photos for me. He helped move pallets full of rice to get it all ready for the weekend packing.

Hands Against Hunger meal packing-

So here’s how it all went down. We had 16+ tables, with an average of 10 people at each table. There was a person to hold a bag under a funnel, where another person would add a scoop of soy protein, then one would add vitamins and minerals, then dried vegetables, then rice. That would be handed to someone else (me that day), who would weigh each bag to make sure it was within 5 grams of its target weight. This is super important because of shipping costs. The bag was then handed to someone who would seal the bag, and then someone else would place the bags into a box. It was like a glorious assembly line, and once we got into the groove of things, it went super fast. 300,000 meals sounds like a lot, but when you spread it over 3 days with 1,400 volunteers, it’s quite manageable.

Hands Against Hunger meal packing-

I’m super excited for when Allison gets older and is big enough to start helping with this. I saw families working together and I knew that’s what I wanted to do with our family. It was such an action-packed weekend and I can’t wait to do it again!

If this is something that your church/organization wants to do, I highly suggest you visit their website and look into signing up. It’s so rewarding knowing that what we do helps give people a better future.

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