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Breakfast With Bacon February 2016

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Breakfast With Bacon February 2016- www.nogettingoffthistrain.comWelcome to the first edition of a monthly series titled Breakfast With Bacon! I wanted one place to dump my thoughts, events from the past month, and favorite things, and I’m excited to start today! Grab a cup of coffee with me and enjoy.

Events This Month

John and I participated in a week-long Daniel Fast this month. We basically ate only fruits, vegetables, and some grains during this time, and that meant no coffee. Physically, it was pretty bad for the first few days. I was already a week into a cold that just wouldn’t go away, and I hadn’t done any workouts during that time. So add up a cold, feeling sluggish due to not working out, and now no coffee/limited food, and it was a rough few days! Eventually the headaches went away, and while unfortunately I didn’t gain any spiritual insight, I realized I had lost most of my sugar addiction and wasn’t craving things like I used to. Definitely a good thing, because when I get stressed, I turn to sugar!

Breakfast With Bacon February 2016-

We went on a much needed date night earlier this week. If you remember from my 12 Days of Christmas post, I gave John a date book, with a date idea planned for every month in 2016. This month’s was dinner and a movie! We enjoyed a dinner at TGIFridays with a gift card we got for Christmas, and came home, put Allison to bed, and watched a movie on Netflix. Dates don’t have to be overly complicated!

Favorite Pictures

Breakfast With Bacon February 2016-

1. This is pretty much us in a nutshell. I try to take good pictures of us while Allison’s being cute, and she goes and sticks out her tongue or opens her mouth that’s full of food. There’s never a dull moment with her!

2. Allison and I fought a cold for two weeks this month, and we still have a residual cough. This particular Sunday we were still green and couldn’t go to church, so I had it on Livestream while Allison watched a movie.

3. These two right here are my darlings. It’s hard to get her to sit still to get a good picture, and somehow the stars aligned that day.

4. My Oreo Brownie Trifles turned out excellent. Not very good for you, but it was a great Valentine treat!

5. John sometimes likes to put little toys in front of the video monitor in Allison’s room, and Allie’s since caught on to the silliness. Earlier this day, she asked me to put one of her Duplo guys in front of the camera, and I forgot about it until a few hours later when I saw this staring at me. It’s filled with Five Nights at Freddy’s-type nightmares.

6. Allison had fun with her little Valentine cards that we didn’t get to pass out due to being sick. I shaped a toilet paper roll into a heart, and she dipped the end into paint to stamp the construction paper hearts. Some of them were smeared around with paint, and she said those ones were Batman.

7. With some of my leftover ham, I made these ham and cheese biscuits for breakfast! So easy to make, and they freeze well, too.

8. Allison just recently learned how to draw circles, which is awesome. What’s the first thing she did with this knowledge? Draw chocolate chip cookies.

9. My darling daughter is a vegetarian who won’t eat veggies, so I have to find ways to get a little nutrition in here. My recent creative escapade is cauliflower pancakes. By themselves, they taste rather weird, but put a little syrup on them and Allie can’t tell the difference! Score one for mom.

Something New I Tried

Breakfast With Bacon February 2016-

I’m actually in the process of something new today and this weekend! I’m attempting my first huge freezer meal cooking for the entire month of March. This includes dinner and breakfasts, and it has to be a 3-day event because 1.) I have a toddler, and 2.) It’s my weekend to volunteer at church, which means I’ll be there all Saturday afternoon, and all morning Sunday, plus I have a meeting Sunday night. It’s probably better for my sanity if I spread it out into a few days, anyway! My goal is to get this post up by Monday, but if not, I’ll postpone it until Saturday the 5th. Look forward to it!

That’s it for this month! Thanks for listening to my ramblings. Next month will be awesome!


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