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Breakfast With Bacon March 2016

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Breakfast With Bacon March 2016-

Another month has gone by? That was way too fast. At least it’s Spring, which means more walks, more Fitbit steps, and worn-out toddlers! I’m so ready to open the windows and put away my hoodie for the next two seasons. A lot of stuff has happened this month, so here is my recap of March!


Breakfast With Bacon March 2016-

The 5th was our 5 year wedding anniversary, and we celebrated by going to Dave and Busters to also celebrate a friend’s birthday. We don’t typically plan big events for us, so something as simple as playing games makes it a great day. We went to Skyline Chili for dinner because it was nearby, cheap, and delicious!

Breakfast With Bacon March 2016-

Our date for March was supposed to be bowling. Instead of going out, we put Allison to bed and busted out the XBOX360 and Kinect and played party games, including bowling and skii ball, while waiting for our free Marie Callender apple pie to bake in the oven. It was a free and fun date night, which we definitely needed!

John also unfortunately lost his job this month. With him being the only provider of income, we’re gonna have to make some changes to our budget and lifestyle to make things work. This new path in our life means that (unfortunately) I have some more ideas for blog posts that pertain to this, so you’ll get to hear updates each week as a new post comes up. Right now we’re just waiting to see what God has in store for us!

Favorite pictures

Breakfast With Bacon March 2016-

1.) I finally bought a few new shirts that actually fit! Thanks to Target’s clearance section, I now have some new short-sleeved shirts that don’t look like they’re 3 sizes too big.

2.) I’ve been looking for snacks that have almost zero sugar, because I’m trying to watch my added sugar intake. One of my recent favorite snacks is crackers with that Babybel cheese, and it’s so good.

3.) Allison helped me make banana “cookies” earlier this month. Just mix together 2 bananas, 1 cup of oats, and a dash of cinnamon, and bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. She was very impatient waiting for them to cook, and then cool, and finally after eating one she asked for another. This was her reaction when I said no.

4.) One of my favorite pictures from our anniversary date! Allie was so exhausted at that point; going all day without a nap will do that to you!

5.) I was happy to help our church pack over 300,000 meals to send to Swaziland, Africa. It was amazing to see all these volunteers band together to do something great!

6.) Our anniversary breakfast was these strawberries and cream stuffed pancakes; I’m totally saving this recipe for a later time, they were really easy to make!

7.) I really wanted to do some kind of Spring craft with Allison, and I saw this idea on Pinterest and had her make one for John. She was so proud of herself!

8.) I celebrated my one-year blogiversary this month! It’s been an amazing year and one lucky reader won a $25 Starbucks gift card. Congratulations!

9.) My darling child wouldn’t stand still and smile for a picture during her Easter egg hunt. I’m pretty sure if she knew how to roll her eyes, that’s how every picture would turn out.

New Things I Tried

Breakfast With Bacon March 2016-

I joined Influenster back in January but had nothing come my way. So I was super excited when I was chosen to try out the #TreatVoxBox this month! There are a few free samples, including (my favorite) Hills Bros. Cappuccino. You can bet I’ll be trying these new things soon!

That about wraps it up for March. April will be full of outdoor activities (hopefully), more playdates, and other possibly exciting things! Happy Friday!

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