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A Day to Relax…

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Bubbles... Allison's current favorite toy.

Yesterday was a good day. The past week was filled with busy events and general crankiness all around, but yesterday was just a day for us to relax and enjoy life.

Trying to pop all the bubbles.

Sometimes we get so caught up in fighting diaper changes and getting our children to eat that we sometimes forget there’s a little person inside that toddler that’s just trying to figure out how the world works and just wants to have fun. And we need to slow down with everything and let them do that, with our help.

Along with a pretty good potty-training day and eating great, naptime went pretty smoothly and we actually went outside to play for over an hour. I’m always the one to say “It’s too hot to go play” or “Mommy doesn’t want to go outside today”, but yesterday I just let her be a kid and it was awesome.

"Mommy, I can't get this to work!"

I think I just need to start thinking like a toddler. In my eyes, what is there to do outside? All the fun stuff is inside. Blowing bubbles? How boring. But to Allison, bubbles are the greatest thing in the world, and she kept wanting me to blow more so she could chase them all around the yard. “Baby bubbles!” She would call the little ones, and “Daddy bubbles!” were the big ones. She had so much fun trying to touch all the bubbles.

That's not how you blow bubbles!

She keeps trying to blow bubbles through her nose. It sometimes works, but I kept telling her, “Blow through your mouth like you’re blowing on soup!” Which in response, she would blow with the wand still on her nose, then say, “Soup!” I so love this crazy child.

I wish every day was like this. Everything going so smoothly with a happy and compliant toddler, taking long naps so mommy can get things done. High hopes, I know, but a mom can dream!

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