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Reasons My Kid is Crying Pt. 3

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Reasons my kid is crying pt. 3-

We’re on the verge of having a 3 year-old, friends. It’s such a scary thought. 2 months from yesterday, in fact. Is there something about being on the cusp of 3 that turns a toddler into a blubbering mess? I know emotions can get high, but holy cow, this is insane. I’ve been documenting these for awhile, some of them even happening on the same day. Here’s why my kid has been crying recently:

-She wanted to be rolled up in the blanket in an “Allie burrito”, and cried when we tried to do so.

-Daddy tried to give her water with ice, just as she requested.

-She didn’t want me to use the bathroom. As in, she repeatedly lowered the toilet lid that I just put up.

-She wanted to bring in her little Duplo ice cream toy to Big Lots while we shopped. Then she didn’t. Then she screamed “I WANT ICE CREAM!” as we dragged her into the store.

-She wanted to take a bath.

-She didn’t want a peanut butter sandwich for lunch. She didn’t want Daddy to eat her sandwich for lunch. She didn’t want ANYBODY to eat lunch that day.

-I wouldn’t let her play outside during a thunderstorm.

-I gave her the wrong color cup for breakfast.

-She wanted to go to Sam’s Club just to get a free sample.

-I wouldn’t let her play on the wet playground.

-She wanted to drive to Meijer, by herself.

-She wanted a snack 30 minutes after eating breakfast.

I’m almost terrified to see what the future holds if this is why she cries. Why has your child cried recently? Please share with me below so we can share our misery together!




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