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Reasons My Kid is Crying Part 2

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Reasons my kid is crying: Part 2.

It’s time for another round of Why My Child is Crying! Age 2 has brought bountiful reasons why Allison is crying, and I want you to share my pain with me. It’s too bad I never think to take pictures of these meltdowns; they’d make for funny stories! Can you relate to any of these?

She didn’t want to get out of bed.

She didn’t want to get dressed.

She didn’t want to change out of her stinky  12 hour-old diaper.

It was time for breakfast.

She wanted to run around the house naked. In 50 degree weather.

She wanted to wear THIS pull-up, not the one I picked out that was the exact same.

Daddy asked her to bring him 2 books instead of one.

She didn’t want to wear her regular shoes; she wanted to wear the ones that were way too big that make her trip every 5 seconds.

She didn’t want to go bye-bye.

She wanted to go bye-bye.

She wanted a snack before we left, even though she just had breakfast a half hour earlier.

She wanted to wear her zebra shirt. She doesn’t own a zebra shirt.

She drank all her milk and didn’t realize the cup was empty.

And all this just happened within the past two weeks. Some of them happened on the same day. Don’t you just love toddlerhood? Why is your child crying today?

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