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Pros and Cons of Keeping Your Toddler in a Crib

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Are you afraid of transitioning your toddler to a big bed, like we were? Here is a list of pros and cons of keeping your toddler in a crib!

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Allison is in a big girl bed! I’m still wondering where my baby went. Guys, in the same week, she woke up dry 5 times and decided she wanted to sit at the kitchen table with the adults instead of in her high chair. It’s a double whammy of growing up, and I’m just now coming to terms with it. John and I had discussed getting her a bed, but were quite comfortable with her still being in a crib, so we came up with some pros and cons of keeping your toddler in a crib.


  • You know he’s in a safe area when you all sleep. Have any of you watched too many scary movies like I have? Where children get up in the middle of the night and you wake up to find them staring at you? Yeah, this is my worst nightmare right now. Luckily, Allie can’t open the door yet, but when she can, I may wish she was back in a crib again!
  • You can put him in “baby jail” when things get rough. I know I’m not the only one who’s done this. If Allison was having a particularly bad tantrum, I’d place her in her crib for like 5 minutes while I walked away to calm down. Toddlerhood is rough, man, and sometimes both of us need a small break.
  • He won’t fall out of bed. John told me that on his first night of sleeping in a regular bed, he fell off and broke his collar bone. This alone kept me in fear of getting her a big bed. Plus, for some strange reason, Allison insists on sleeping at the foot of the bed, horizontally to where she’s supposed to lay, with her face smooshed against the crib bars. She’d be guaranteed to fall out every night if she kept doing this. (By the way, she still does this in her new bed, although the end railing still keeps her from falling out!)

Are you afraid of transitioning your toddler to a big bed, like we were? Here is a list of pros and cons of keeping your toddler in a crib!


  • You have to be more conscious of “potty time”. One of the reasons we recently transitioned Allison to a big bed was because she kept waking up dry, and I wanted her to be able to get up if she had to potty. I know you can still keep your potty trained toddler in a crib, but we decided to just teach her to get up and knock on the door to be let out. I figured it’d be easier for us to hear her knock.
  • He may try to start climbing out. Allison never really had this problem, until just before we got the bed when John witnessed her trying to climb out. Once they get big enough and decide they don’t want to be stuck anymore, they will try to escape, sometimes with bad consequences.

Would you add anything to this list? I’d love to know when you took your toddler out of a crib and why. Our little ones just grow up way too fast!

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