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The Kids Behind The Blog October 2016

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The Kids Behind the Blog October 2016:

This month’s TKBTB is a little different. My friend Stephanie helps host this linkup, and at the end of each post she lists the questions for the next month. This month is October, so obviously it’s something Halloween-related. I thought for a little bit about what I should do, and then decided to just modify the questions to fit our lives. It’s not that I’m against Halloween; we do go to our church’s trunk-or-treat and get candy. We just choose not to celebrate in the traditional sense of dressing up, going out trick-or-treating, decorating, or passing out candy at home. Because of this, Allison simply doesn’t understand what Halloween is, so the questions Stephanie presented just wouldn’t work. Instead, I decided to make them birthday-themed because, sadly, her birthday is in 10 days. Here’s a sneak peek:

The Kids Behind the Blog October 2016:

Her party is going to be AWESOME. The other day we were at the park, and while she was on the swing, she smiled, closed her eyes, and said, “I’m just thinking about all the WONDERFUL presents I’m going to get on my birthday!” I think that alone can count for my TKBTB post; like seriously, where did that even come from? Here are the questions I presented to her this month:

What kind of birthday party are you going to have this year? Snow White! (She’s definitely excited about this.)

What kind of food are you going to eat on your birthday? Cake! “….anything else?” “Sandwiches!”

What are Mommy and Daddy getting you for your birthday? Costumes!

What’s the best part about your birthday? Balloons! (Looks like we have to get her balloons now.)

I have to learn to ask her questions when she’s not watching TV; I might get longer answers that way. I’m so looking forward to her birthday, though; I have a feeling it’ll be the best she’s had so far! Make sure you check out Stephanie’s post to see her questions and her love of Halloween.



Stephanie Cox

Thursday 13th of October 2016

I love how you personalized this to fit with Allison's birthday. And yes! Get balloons. I put balloons in Connor's room on the 29th and he wakes up on the 30th to a room full of balloons. He loves it!

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