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The Kids Behind The Blog November 2016

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The Kids Behind The Blog November 2016:

It’s that time again; the time where we get to ask our kids pre-determined questions to see what silly answers they come up with. I’ve joined up with my friend Stephanie from Wife, Mommy, Me to bring you some child-like answers to Thanksgiving questions.

The Kids Behind The Blog November 2016:

I was really surprised at Allison’s willingness to answer these this month. Usually, I have to catch her in the middle of doing something without her catching on that she’s actually doing something for me. This time around, we were reading a ton of books and I told her “After this one, I have some questions for you!” Sure enough, as soon as I finished, Allison said, “Okay, ask me some questions!” And she was totally willing. Can she be this obedient all the time?

  1. What are 3 things you are thankful for? I’m thankful for the TV, and the pumpkin spray, and the vanilla spray! She happened to be looking at the entertainment center while answering.
  2. What is your favorite food served at Thanksgiving dinner? Chicken!
  3. If you could be president for the day, what would you do? Play with hot chocolate Play-Doh.
  4. How many feathers does a Turkey have? 1, 2, 3!
  5. Who is your favorite relative to see during the holidays? Grandma! ….Is she coming over for Christmas?

Perfect answers. She doesn’t even like chicken, though, except the occasional chicken nugget. Last year at Thanksgiving, we had all this amazing food to eat, and she chose to eat just a slice of white bread. Not even the dinner rolls that were served; a slice of bread. The hot chocolate Play-Doh was something that we bought her over the weekend at a Christmas Bazaar. It’s all-natural homemade Play-Doh, and it was mixed with cocoa powder to give it that delicious smell. That’s pretty much all she’s played with the past 3 days; our living room has been clutter-free the entire time, it’s been amazing.

And there you have it! Make sure you check out Stephanie’s post and the link-up that follows, so you can enjoy other kids’ antics as well.



Stephanie Cox

Thursday 10th of November 2016

Hot chocolate playdough? WHAT?! Yes please.


Friday 11th of November 2016

Girl, I bought it at the Christmas Bazaar! She hasn't stopped playing with it.

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