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Jazz Loves Disney- an Album for all Ages

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Jazz Loves Disney- an album for all ages.

I was given a copy of the Jazz Loves Disney album as well as compensation in exchange for this review. All opinions are mine alone.

Growing up, Disney movies were part of my life. I loved all the older classics, like The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, and Snow White. I even remember watching Aladdin in the theaters when it first came out. I owned most of the movies and kept up with the VHS releases, accumulating a collection. Now that I have Allison and she’s old enough to understand movies better, we’re introducing her to all the Disney movies.

Of course, she has her favorites that she wants to watch over… and over… and over. First it was Snow White (Check out her 3rd birthday party), and then Lady and the Tramp. One thing’s for certain: we now have a pint-sized Disney fan.

Jazz Loves Disney- an album for all ages.

One of my favorite things about Disney movies is the music. When I was old enough to get my own library card, I’d check out the soundtracks and listen to them on repeat. There’s something about Disney music that just brings back all the nostalgia, even when I haven’t seen the movie in forever. I had the opportunity recently to receive and review a digital copy of a new album coming out on November 18th, called Jazz Loves Disney. It’s a 13-track album with jazzified versions of our favorite Disney songs. Here’s the full listing:

  1. Everybody Wants to be a Cat by Jamie Cullum
  2. He’s a Tramp by Melody Gardot
  3. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo (French version) by Stacey Kent
  4. When You Wish Upon a Star by Gregory Porter
  5. Why Don’t You Do Right by China Moses
  6. I Wanna Be Like You by Raphael Gualazzi
  7. A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes by The Rob Mounsey Orchestra
  8. You’ve Got a Friend in Me by Hugh Coltman
  9. Let It Go by Anne Sila
  10. The Bare Necessities by Melody Gardot and Raphael Gualazzi
  11. Once Upon a Dream by Laika
  12. Un jour mon prince viendra by Nikki Yanofsky
  13. I Wanna Be Like You by The Hot Sardines

I put it in my car while driving to the store, and the first track that played for me was Let It Go. I’ve heard the original many times thanks to Allison’s binge-watching, but I was jamming the whole way to the store. I don’t usually listen to jazz music, but hearing these versions have grown in me a true love of jazz!

Out of all 13 tracks, here are my two favorite:

  1. I Wanna Be Like You by Raphael Gualazzi. This song is one I can definitely turn up and dance to in the middle of the living room! The original is jazz-like in nature anyway, but this version is just perfect. If you ask Allie, she’ll tell you that both tracks (including the one in French) are her favorite; she always asks for them in the car.
  2. You’ve Got a Friend in Me by Hugh Coltman. Toy Story has a special place in my heart and is still one of my favorite Disney movies. I like how this version still stays true to the original and is still that happy, up-beat song.

Like I said before, this album comes out November 18th, but you can pre-order it on Amazon here! If you or your family are big Disney fans, I totally recommend getting this; it’s already been well-loved in our household and will for quite awhile. Which track are you most interested in hearing?



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