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Allison and Her Books

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Allison and her books:

After the amazing amount of books Allison got for Christmas, I thought I would showcase just how many she has, her reading habits, and her favorite books. I was a huge reader when I was a child, and I want Allison to have the same love of books; to be able to sit in her room for hours, reading, imagining, creating her own little world. From the looks of it, I don’t think she’s too far off!

Allison and her books:

It started as a large crate filled with books. My parents blessed us with a huge amount of books they had found at a garage sale, and it was filled with this Disney collection and a bunch of Winnie the Pooh books. As you can see, these are long. Like, 25+ pages long. Allison first got them I think before she was a year old, so any attempts at reading an entire book were met with out-of-lap wiggling.

Allison and her books:

For her first birthday, she got this huge toybox with a nook above it; maybe for books? I don’t know, but that’s what we used it for! If you look closely, you’ll see that the bottom of the nook is drooping from the sheer weight of the books. Her collection just kept growing and growing, and her love for books grew tremendously. We ended up not having enough space on her toybox for all the books, so some were just scattered around the house with no home.

Allison and her books:

Just this weekend, we moved this cube shelf from the office to Allison’s room (Spoiler alert, I’m showcasing this for next week’s organizing post). Her books finally have a home!

We’ve started routines of reading her books before naptime and bedtime. It used to be that she’d never sit through a whole book but would always sit still the whole time before her nap. Now, no matter how long the book is, she’ll sit still for all of it. And when it’s done, she’ll climb down, grab another one, and climb right back up again to read some more. We’ve spent up to an hour multiple times just sitting and reading, and each time I’m amazed at her attention span. This girl loves her books.

One of her favorites right now is “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”. After reading it over and over and over, I started replacing some words and Allison would giggle and correct me.

“If you give a mouse a muffin?”

She’s now in love with pretty much all of the Disney and Winnie the Pooh collections. It’s gotten to the point now where she can identify the book from the cover, and sometimes even from the binding, although that might be because she knows the color of the book. Sometimes she’ll come up to me with a stack of like 5 of these books and say “Read ALLLLLL these, Mommy!” She’ll also do this during naptime, when I usually read just 2 books because they’re so long, so we’ll have the same conversation that’s in another favorite book, Olivia.

“No Allison, just two books.”
“How about three?”
“…..Okay, three. but that’s it.”

She’s a good little negotiator.

Allison and her books:

I’m so glad she has the same love of reading that I did. Read to your children! Even if they wiggle away after a few minutes, just know that you’re doing good by providing them a chance to learn and grow important skills. Happy reading!

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