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Allie-isms: Oh, the things she says!

My darling Allison has grown into such a young lady. From the moment she learned to talk, she became super spunky and now comes up with the weirdest things! Sometimes she leaves me with my mouth hanging open like, seriously, where does she come up with this stuff? Today I want to share her strange “Allie-isms” that she graces me with from time to time, when I remember to write them down.

“Smiling at the ceiling fan, Mommy!” Then proceeds to smile really big at the ceiling fan.

“Mommy mess on head!” This was while she was eating breakfast, and pointing at me. I ignored her for awhile until I wiped my forehead and found chocolate I had somehow gotten on me while making muffins.

“I no go bye-bye. Oh-kay!” Her signature “Oh-kay!” is what she says when she’s decided that she wants/doesn’t want to do something, like “That’s my final answer Mommy!”

“Allie eat num-nums for lunch?” For her, “num-nums” means Chinese buffet. This girl can eat lo mein noodles like crazy, and she LOVES eggdrop soup. When she leaves, her little belly is so full we can’t buckle her seatbelt as tight as we could before she ate!

“Smoke alarm off? Smoke alarm beeeep beeeeep!” Repeat over and over. A few weeks back, our smoke detectors went crazy and would go off at random times, so we had to replace them. She has not forgotten, and still points at them and talks about how they go beep beep.

“I get steps, mommy!” -Said as she marches in place and taps her wrist….. like Mommy does with her Fitbit. At least I’m modeling good exercise examples?

Next time (and there WILL be a next time) I do this, I’ll make sure there are more… AKA write down her Allie-isms as she says them so I don’t forget them. What, pray tell, will my darling daughter come up with next?


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