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Allie-isms Part 2

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Allie-isms Part 2: Oh, the things she says!

I haven’t done an Allie-isms post in awhile and we were way overdue! My toddler, like most, says the darndest things sometimes and I try to write them down as she says them, after laughing my head off. Here’s what I’ve collected over the past few months, for your reading pleasure:

  • We were driving somewhere, and John reached around to tickle Allison or grab her hand or something. Her response? “Daddy’s hand go bye-bye!” Priceless.
  • After church one day: “I puuuuuushed baby Jesus!” We had no clue what she was trying to say, until a few days later she was pressing a heart sticker on a piece of paper and she said, “I puuuuuushed the heart!”
  • “I no go bye-bye, I sick!” I have no idea how she picked that up, but she used it for awhile when I told her it was time to leave.
  • “Mommy, I smelled the snow!”
    “Oh really? What does it smell like?”
  • A conversation between her toys:
    Pinkie Pie: “I’m naked!”
    Prince Charming: “Why are you naked?”
    Pinkie Pie: “Because I’m an animal!”
  • “Daddy’s in the office looking for Kristoff and Prince Hans?” …She must have been watching Frozen sometime before that.
  • When asking her about her day at church: “Zachariah took one of my Cheerios. That wasn’t very nice!”
  • While crying: “Wipe off my sad face!” After trying to figure out what she meant, I wiped away her tears. “Now I have a happy face!
  • And last but not least, this one happened quite awhile ago:

Facebook potty

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