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4 Outside Kids Activities for Colder Weather

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It's hard to play outside when it's cold, but it can be made fun! Here are 4 kids activities you can do outside in colder weather.

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I don’t know about where you live, but here in Ohio, this Fall and Winter have had two modes: Freezing cold, and rainy. I like cooler weather, but we can only stay inside for so long! We tend to go out to different places to play inside, but I think it’s good to get outside every once in awhile, even if it’s a little cold outside. It’s been hard this season because I feel like it’s constantly raining, but when the clouds go away, we try to go out and play! There are at least a few things you can do outside in colder weather, and I’m sharing 4 things that either we’ve done in the past or are going to do very soon.

It's hard to play outside when it's cold, but it can be made fun! Here are 4 kids activities you can do outside in colder weather.

Bring a favorite toy outside

Allison got a baby doll stroller over the holidays, so to bribe her to get outside with me, I ask if she wants to push one of her dolls in the stroller. Most of the time, she’s all over it. I’m committed to getting my 10,000 steps every day with my Fitbit, so I need walks just as much as she does! A walk around our block will take about 20 minutes for us because we tend to walk a little slower. It’s a good way for us to bond, too; we’ll talk, tell stories, and make up songs. Allison’s especially good at making up songs, especially about Kings Island. I’ll have to record her someday.

Let them splash in puddles

This may not work when it’s freezing outside, but if it’s a slightly warmer day, like in the 50s as it’s been around here, you might be able to get away with letting your child splash a little, provided they have the right kind of clothes. Like I said above, the weather here has been so weird. There’s been a little bit of snow, but then it warmed up and turned into rain and it’s just been wet and yucky. Allison goes right for puddles in the parking lots, much to my dismay, so I think she’d be thrilled if I let her have some supervised splashing time outside.

Have a scavenger hunt

This one would be great for both Fall and Winter. Make a list of things you could look for, and check them off as you find them. A Fall scavenger hunt could include things like red leaves, pumpkins on a doorstep, or a leaf pile; while a Winter one could include a wreath on a door, a snowman, or a Santa decoration. Pinterest has some great ideas!

Roll in the snow

I’m actually ashamed to admit that I haven’t let Allison play much in the snow, mainly because I never bought the appropriate snow gear. The first place I’m going to check when Winter’s over is the thrift stores. She’s only going to wear it a couple months out of the year so she doesn’t need anything fancy. I suggest you do the same if you’re in the same boat!

Allison’s 3, and hasn’t seemed too interested in things like building snowmen, but when we open the garage door to go somewhere, she always runs over and stomps around in the snow. I think she’d be happy just rolling around in the snow!

It's hard to play outside when it's cold, but it can be made fun! Here are 4 kids activities you can do outside in colder weather.

After all these great activities, tons of blankets and a nice cup of hot chocolate will warm them up nicely! I just introduced Allison to hot chocolate this past Christmas Eve and she asks for more at least a couple times a week. The weather may be crazy, but kids still need to play however they can! Visit Voice of Play to learn more about the benefits of play and how beneficial it can be for development. What outside activities do you do even in the colder months? Let me know in the comments and give me more ideas!

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