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Homemaker Friday 11-6

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Homemaker Friday 11-6-15

Can I just say that I’m SO glad it’s naptime??? I keep saying this, but it seems that the moment she turned 2, Allison’s personality has just changed. She suddenly doesn’t want to get out of bed in the mornings after she wakes up, doesn’t want her diaper changed, doesn’t want to get dressed, eat breakfast… and this morning was a struggle getting her to actually put something on! I may have raised my voice more than I should have, so hurray for Bad Mom Award of the day! I’m currently trying to figure out how to gently ease her out of bed and get the day started. We normally don’t have anywhere to go, so I’m never in a hurry, but I would like her to get out of that 12- hour old diaper!

Currently drinking: A much-needed cup of coffee with International Delight’s Sweet Cream creamer.

Currently reading: “Say Goodbye to Survival Mode” by Crystal Paine. I guess I should say, I SHOULD be reading it! I’m about halfway through and my goal is to finish it this month. I so need her advice on how to get my life together; this week has been busy and stressful, and I just need to get a system in order.

Housework currently skipping: Everything. Seriously, everything. I swept the floors yesterday, took a look around, and said “Yep, good enough”. Having a toddler just drains all the energy right out of me, and I have so much blog work to do that housework is getting put off to the side right now. As long as we have clean clothes, I’m happy!

What’s for dinner: Pizza quesadillas for John and Allison. I’m helping set up for our MOPS Christmas bazaar that’s tomorrow, and I’ll probably still be up there during dinnertime, so I guess I’ll figure that out eventually!

Current weather: Low 60’s and cloudy. This is the last warm-ish day for awhile, and it’s gonna start to get cold again.

Favorite thing: This sounds silly, but my favorite thing right now is Kroger’s current Mega Sale. When you buy 10 selected items, you get $5.00 off, and this makes for some GREAT deals…. like free pasta after coupons! Look forward to Sunday’s post where I post my huge haul.

Happy Friday, everyone! How are you all doing today?

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