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Homemaker Friday 11-20

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Homemaker Friday 11-20

It’s definitely been a week! Allison’s had a cold the past few days, which means she’s been coughing in her sleep every 5 minutes and we haven’t been able to go anywhere. On the plus side, she’s been sleeping in and taking long naps! This girl isn’t letting her sickness get in the way of her cheekiness, though. She says and does things that make me think, “Now where does she get these strange ideas?”

Allison's just crazy.

Seriously??? And last night, the same day that the above happened, the three of us were in our bedroom playing, and she got up and walked toward her room. I could see her in there using our new video monitor…. well, one half of her, she wasn’t in full view of the camera. She kept mumbling something while standing there, and I suddenly realized she was saying “Daddy change Allie’s poopy pull-up!” and the pants were now coming off. John jumped up and ran into her room, and I was just laughing at this point because of the absurdity. She was neither poopy or wet, so I have no idea why she thought that was a good idea. This child keeps me on my toes!

Currently drinking: Sweet sweet coffee with Coffee Mate’s cinnamon vanilla creamer.

What’s for dinner: Sloppy Joe casserole. I have a bad habit of forgetting to get meat out of the freezer until the morning I’m supposed to cook it. So hopefully my ground turkey will be thawed in time!

Current weather: Mid 40’s and sunny! It’s so deceptive out there. We haven’t really left the house in a couple days so the cold hasn’t affected us too much.

Housework currently skipping: Cleaning out the microwave. It hasn’t been too bad, but yesterday I heated up some leftover pasta… and we all know how much pasta sauce splatters.

Currently watching: Tarzan. Over and over and over. I’m glad Allison likes the classics, but holy cow, I’ve re-memorized all the songs.

Favorite thing: Right now it’s just watching Allison learn new things and figure out how the world works. For example, just from watching us cough into our arm, she’s now working on doing that, and even fake coughs just so she can do it. She’s crazy smart!

Happy Friday, everyone! Hope the rest of your day is awesome.



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