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Homemaker Friday 11-13

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Homemaker Friday 11-13-15

So far, today’s been a pretty good day! Allison got to see her grandma for a little bit, we went shopping at Kroger, it’s been great. Now, if Allison would only fall asleep! She’s flopping around in her crib which doesn’t make for a peaceful naptime. She’s also been trying to go against most things I say, which seems to be typical of a toddler, especially one that’s just turned 2!

Currently drinking: After we went to Kroger, I stopped off at McDonalds to treat myself to an iced mocha. Apparently every McDonalds store has been out of the pumpkin syrup for awhile, so I wasn’t able to get my favorite pumpkin latte.

House currently smells like: It’s going to smell like Maple Pumpkin if I can convince myself to get up and spray it!

What’s for dinner: Chicken apple sausage sweet potato skillet. Should be interesting! I also expect Allison not to eat any of it, haha. My child will barely eat anything; I’ve said before that she pretty much lives on pizza, Chinese buffet, and applesauce. I’m hoping she’ll just grow out of it if I keep offering her things!

Currently watching: Lost. It’s one of the series in my Netflix queue that I’ve been meaning to watch! I’ve finished The Walking Dead, Grey’s Anatomy, Breaking Bad… anything else I should binge watch?

Favorite thing: My flannel sheets. Seriously, I put them on the bed Monday and I looked forward to getting in bed the rest of the day! The weather’s gotten much colder so being able to keep warm at night is just heavenly.

Happy Friday, everyone! Check back tomorrow to see if you’ve missed anything from this past week.

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