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Homemaker Friday 10/16

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Allison jeans

It’s been a very quiet Friday here, and starting to get cooler! Naptime is so awesome; I love being able to sit down with a second cup of coffee and work on blog stuff. It’s kind of the highlight of my day.

Currently drinking: Folger’s coffee with Coffee Mate’s Chocolate Espresso creamer. It’s one of the special Star Wars ones, which probably means it’s only for a limited time. =( It’s a great flavor, too.

Currently playing: Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the 3DS. I’ve had a huge itch to get back into video games, and this is just perfect. It runs on real time and it’s very casual, and Allison likes to sit in my lap and watch me catch fish or bugs, or run to the museum to look at the dinosaur bones I found.

Housework currently skipping: Organizing our office. Right now it’s kind of the catch-all for pretty much everything we don’t need/aren’t using right now. It’s embarrassing how cluttered it is.

What’s for dinner: Chicken Parmesan Casserole. Using up the last bit of chicken from the freezer, and I made a big batch of spaghetti sauce earlier this week for spaghetti squash, so I’m using those leftovers! I love re-purposing my food.

Current weather: Today’s high is 60 degrees. I love the cool weather! My favorite thing to do in the Fall is wear my very oversized hoodie pretty much everywhere.

Favorite thing: Right now I have to say pumpkin everything. I keep seeing my friends post pictures of all the pumpkin foods they’ve bought and I’m incredibly jealous! If I have any money left over in the grocery budget this week, I’m totally splurging on something.

Currently watching: The Walking Dead season 5. It finally came on Netflix, and I already had the ending spoiled when it first came out, so now I’m just waiting to see how/when it happens.

Happy Friday, everyone!


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