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Two of My Self-Help Books for 2016

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Two of my self-help books for 2016.

If you remember from my 2016 goals post, I had said I wanted to read at least 3 self-help books this year. I used to love reading, and would read every day as often as I could. Now that Allison’s here, my free time has shortened drastically and now I have to schedule my time wisely, which means reading kind of gets set aside for other things. This year though, I’m trying to make reading a priority, and so I’ve started to read a little during naptime (My most productive time, I’ve found).

Two of the self-help books I decided to read this year are “Stumbling Into Grace” by Lisa Harper and “Real Moms… Real Jesus” by Jill Savage. My MOPS group had a book exchange back in January and brought all the leftover books to the next MOPS meeting. I looked through all of them and thought these two would be great additions!

Two of my self-help books for 2016.

I decided to read Stumbling Into Grace first, and even though I’m only a few chapters in, I’m hooked. It’s such an easy read and keeps my attention, which is important to me when I only have a short amount of time to read. I’ve been looking for a book that helps me really think about my relationship with God, and she does such a great job mixing in her own stories with pieces from the Bible. Yesterday I just knew I chose the right book for my first study. Wednesday night I was pondering what to do about a specific subject, and not even kidding, the chapter I read yesterday spoke exactly to that, confirming my decision! Seriously, get this book.

Two of my self-help books for 2016.

I haven’t looked inside “Real Mothers… Real Jesus” yet, but just reading the back tells me I need to read this one next. I’m a mom, I’m a mess. I definitely need this.

I’m also looking for suggestions for other books to read! What are your favorites? Are there any that just spoke to your or changed your life? I want to know!

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