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Goals for September 2016

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Monthly Goals September 2016:

Woohoo, it’s finally September! Where Summer turns into Fall and we start gearing up toward the holidays (and a certain toddler’s birthday… *Sob*). We’ve actually had a pretty good Summer; we got to do a lot of fun things, both inside and outside. September’s going to be pretty busy, especially the weekends, so I need to make sure we all get some sort of rest time during the week.

So, goals! I did pretty good last month; let’s break it down.


Couch to 5k 3 days a week- I’ve only been able to go out on Sundays. Now that John goes to work in the mornings, I can’t do my morning runs, and it’s just been too hot after Allison goes to bed. BUT- I ran a full 5k for the first time this month! Three times! So I no longer need the C25k app; I’m so pumped for my first 5k race next week!

Organize the office- Done! Here’s a before and after of the cluttered table.

Goals for September 2016:

I threw away some things, put all the CDs onto my video game rack in the little closet, and just did some general organizing. It’s not perfect, but at least I can see the table now!

Stock pantry and freezer

Take Allison to Kings Island by myself- I was all set to do this, and then I was informed that Kings Island went back to their non-summer schedule, which means they’re only open on the weekends. *sadface* We’ll have to go a few more times before they close for the season.


Upload blog re-design

Set up new email list

Keep Twitter scheduler full

Try to write 2 posts a day instead of 1- What I’ve found to work better is to still write one post a day, but continue to do it Saturday and Sunday as well. That way I’m always at least 2 posts ahead. I’d like to do more, but this is good for now!

 Goals For This Month


Find a method of staying organized and stick to it

More crafts with Allison- I made a list of things to buy on Amazon in the next week or so; she’s going to be up to her ears in craft stuff!

Get to Kings Island at least one more time

Fill my freezer: Spaghetti sauce, at least 2 other meals


Fill up October AND November’s post schedule

Create email freebie (Helpful charts PDFs, etc)

Write 2 guest posts

Look into taking pictures with my camera instead of my phone

What are your goals for this month? Share in the comments so we can encourage each other!


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