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Goals for May 2017

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Goals for May 2017

Yay, it’s May! We celebrate 2 birthdays this month, as well as visit Kings Island a lot more often, so May will be busy but fun! I’m hoping this weather clears up soon and makes up its mind; it’ll be 80 degrees one day, and rainy and 55 degrees the next day, which messes with us and makes us sick. The joys of Ohio weather.

May’s goals are mostly fun-related, with the exception of cleaning and organizing, which are the bane of my existence. However, I’ve found that once I do clean something, I feel much better when I look at it; so I need to schedule a block of time to get things done! Here’s how I did with last month’s goals:


Do some Spring Cleaning- I went through Allison’s toys and clothes, and found some things to donate. Still have a ways to go with everything else, but every little bit helps!

Run a 5k in under 35 minutes- Haven’t gotten there yet, but I started the Couch to 10k program and have been able to run farther than I ever thought I could. Last week I did 4.3 miles at right around a 12-minute pace!

Laminate all the things- Well, I got out the laminator but haven’t set it up yet. I’ll work on it this month!


Update one old post a week- I did a couple, but didn’t quite make my goal.

Have a one-hour planning session

Goals for May

I’m organizing my goals into different categories now, and probably won’t add blogging stuff for awhile. I’m still plugging away at my Elite Blog Academy assignments, so I don’t have many specific blog goals right now.


Organize my daily/weekly tasks- I just downloaded Evernote as a suggestion by my friend Kimberlee from The Peaceful Mom to try and keep my to-do lists and ideas in one central location. I’ve been using it for a week and so far I like it! I’ll continue this throughout the month to get into a good routine.

Take a Mental Health Day/Morning


Enjoy a vacation at Cedar Point

Weekly in-home date night with John

Take Allison to 2 new parks


Run 5 miles straight

Do 20 push-ups in a row


Sell items on Ebay- I have a small stack of video games and soundtracks I pulled out from our garage sale last year and haven’t gotten around to trying to sell them. They are leaving my house this month! (Hopefully)

Organize Allison’s catch-all craft basket

What are your goals for this month? Share below in the comments!


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