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Goals for June 2016

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Goals June 2016

Wait, where did May go? Am I really doing a goals post again? I’d like to say I did well last month, but… I didn’t. I just got so busy with other stuff that I kept forgetting what I was really supposed to do. Having a toddler does that to you, I suppose. Last month was amazing, with all the trips to Kings Island, and birthdays, and Mother’s Day… and it’s just going to get better as the summer goes on! How well did I do last month?


Do Couch to 5K 3 times a week
Do one cleaning chore every morning
Spend at least 15 minutes with John every night
Listen to an audiobook one hour a day- I actually (mostly) did this one! I finished Book 1 of the Wheel of Time series, and I’m halfway through Book 2. It just expired yesterday and I’m now on a waiting list to get it again.


Look at redesigning my blogOh my goodness, it can get expensive to redesign a blog! I may be looking at upwards of $500 for a new design; maybe I need to look into this some more.
Post coupons every day- I almost completed it, and then realized it just wasn’t working for me. I’ll let it fall off the radar for a bit for now!
Post to Instagram every day

Goals for June


Work on our Summer bucket list– You probably saw my list from yesterday. I want to complete at least half of it this month, which means careful planning to make sure I don’t overload our week with fun.

Couch to 5k 3 times a week– I really want to complete this program, because there’s a 5k in September I want to run in this time instead of just walk. My stamina’s getting much higher, so I’m positive I can beat the measly 50 minutes it took me to walk the one last year.

15 minutes with John every night– We get so caught up with the TV that we forget to talk. It’s quite sad. But it’s one of the only times during the day we’re together without Allison, so we need to make it count!

80% clean eating– I’m super interested in the idea of clean eating, but I just don’t think it’s possible for me to do 100%. Kings Island and cookouts mean yummy food! 80% is a good number; now let’s see if I can do clean eating on a budget!


Work on e-book– Guys, I actually sat down yesterday morning and wrote a little bit! Granted, it was because the power was out and I had nothing else to do… but I read somewhere recently that if you don’t just sit down and write, your book won’t get done. Stop planning, and start doing! So I’ll try to do a little bit every day to see where it gets me.

Switch to a new email system– I’m not all that fond of the system I have right now. I’m only allowed 100 email subscribers until I have to start paying, so I’m going to look into getting MailChimp instead, which lets me have 2,000 subscribers until I have to pay for more! If you already subscribe to my email, things may look different next month, hopefully for the better!

Interact with bloggers– One of the best ways to get more pageviews and build relationships is to interact with your fellow bloggers. Comment on their posts, share their stuff on social media… I used to be really good at that, but then life took over. I aim to comment on 1-3 posts every day!

Wish me luck! Let’s hope June is much more productive than May.


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