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Goals for July 2016

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Goals July 2016

Another month, another set of goals! June was filled with Kings Island trips and more outside fun, and I hope July will be more of the same! I did slightly better with my goals this month than I did last month, but I was still slacking a bit. Progress is progress, though! How did I do last month?


Do Couch to 5k 3 times a week- Partially done! I’ve found that I hate running in the evenings, so I’m going to find a new schedule.
Work on our Summer Bucket List- I knocked out 5 items from the list!
15 minutes with John every night
80% clean eating-
Honestly, I didn’t really keep track, but I think I did fairly well. Not what I expected, but good enough!


Work on e-book
Switch to a new email system- I haven’t fully made the switch yet. MailChimp requires you to put your home address in each email due to government regulations, so I need to get a PO Box first. I’m just waiting to see when I can rent one!
Interact with bloggers Partially done. I’m coming up with a new system for me which I’ll explain below!

 Goals for July


Couch to 5k 3 times a week- This time, I’m going to attempt running in the mornings, before Allie wakes up, and doing my PiYo later that evening. I tried it once and while I loved the run, I didn’t like the evening workouts as much. I’ll have to keep at it; it’s only 3 days a week, so it shouldn’t be too bad.

Keep Sundays to myself- I’m finding myself working 7 days a week. Not a lot on the weekends, but still doing some sort of work. I’m going to attempt to stay away from the blog on Sundays to try and prevent burnout.

Visit Kings Island’s waterpark

Do one cleaning chore every morning


Work on e-book

Clean up my Pinterest account- Have you visited my profile recently? I’m beginning to add title images to each board to make them more uniform! I think it looks a lot better. My plan this month is to finish making all the title images, as well as adding/removing boards if needed.

Start a new work schedule- I want to try and put some sort of order into my blogging life. This includes making a schedule, where I do specific things on certain days to keep things in order. Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • Monday- StumbleUpon reciprocations
  • Tuesday- Twitter
  • Wednesday- Pinterest, including reciprocating and filling my Pinterest scheduler for a week out
  • Thursday- StumbleUpon reciprocations
  • Friday- Facebook/Twitter
  • Saturday- Blog comments

For those that don’t know, reciprocating is an important part of getting your blog out there for people to see. It’s like selling a product; you may have a great product, but if you don’t advertise it, no one will know you exist! Honestly, right now I’m about 30% actual writing and 70% advertising. I’m hoping that by setting a schedule like this, I’ll know what I should be focusing on each day and be able to get things done faster!

I also want to hear your goals for the month! What do you plan to accomplish in July?



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