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Goals for This Week 3/30

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Wow, what a week! My week consisted of planning and packing for a weekend trip out of state, caring for a sick toddler that wouldn’t nap without me, and then getting me sick too. I definitely slacked on everything and did just the basics to keep us alive.


Tuesday we had an Easter egg hunt at our MOPS group. Allison had fun picking up her eggs (and everyone else’s, too)!

We left Saturday afternoon for a 4-hour trip out of state for a memorial service. I was nervous because we hadn’t been on a long road trip since she was 3 months old, but she did great even without naps both days (More details about traveling with a toddler in a future post!).


I brought my work with me, too. =) Laptop, calendar, notebook, post-its, tablet, 3DS in case I had free time (haha), and some books and toys for Allison.

Oh, and starting Wednesday I’m starting a new challenge! Karissa from A Fresh Start on a Budget has challenged bloggers to post every day and has given us a list of prompts. I post every day anyway, but these prompts will help hone my writing skills and help you all to learn a little more about me! Why not subscribe to my email list so you can receive an email every day with my latest posts? The form to subscribe is below, or permanently in the sidebar. Now onto my goals! Here were last week’s:

Drink 64 ounces of water every day: 4/7 days! Definitely not bad. I slacked the last few days due to not being home.

Start up PiYo: I did it 3/7 days this week. The last few days I got sick and was also out of state. I’m definitely ready to start back up again, and get back into good eating habits.

Touch up my blog: I’ve been playing around with email newsletters and I think I’ve found a good match for me! It’ll still take some tweaking to get the design where I want it, but I think it’ll be helpful to finally have something for you all to subscribe to so you don’t miss an update!

Goals for this week:

Drink 64 ounces of water every day

Do PiYo 5 days this week: I think I can do this! I’m joining a challenge group today that will hopefully keep me accountable.

That’s it for this week; I’m going to be really busy because I’m volunteering at church this weekend for Easter and there are a couple rehearsals plus I’ll be there almost all weekend.

What are YOUR goals this week? Let us encourage you below!



Monday 30th of March 2015

Your kiddo looks so cute! Good luck with your goals. Drinking more water is always a good thing!

xo katie // a touch of teal


Monday 30th of March 2015

Looks like you had a busy week! Good luck with your goals! I'm working on drinking more water too; using my infused water bottle to make cucumber and mint flavored water really helps me!

Charlotte's Little Web

Monday 30th of March 2015

I feel you on all of these goals! Water is so crucial to fitness as well as working out—3/7 is not bad at all for being under the weather—way to go! I am glad you are feeling better, too. Best of luck with touching up the blog! It can feel like a never ending process, I know!


Monday 30th of March 2015

great list of goals! I need to start writing out my goals. I think that is an awesome idea!


Monday 30th of March 2015

Getting enough water is a great goal and so hard for me! I need to add that to my goal list again this week. I feel like I do a great job for a few weeks and then forget, but it does make a difference. One of my goals this week is to keep to my running training schedule. Thanks!


Monday 30th of March 2015

Yep, I tend to leave my water somewhere around the house instead of with me all the time, so it's easy to forget it. Good luck!

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