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Goals for May 2016

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Goals for May 2016:

Oops, I’ve been slacking on my goals the past few months. It’s so easy to just go through life and let yourself get caught up in the mundane things. Maybe I was trying to do too much; so for this month, I’m scaling back and making more feasible goals. May is going to be very busy, with both my and John’s birthdays, and family events, and trips to King’s Island… not a lot of time to work! So here is what I plan to do this month:


  • Do Couch to 5k 3 times a week. I’m aiming to run a 5k in September at church. I walked last year, and did it in like 52 minutes, so surely I can do better by “running”! Springtime means warmer weather, which means more opportunities to run!
  • Do one cleaning chore every morning. I’ve let the house get slack when it comes to being clean, so one thing I plan to do is clean one thing every morning before Allison wakes up. Give myself like 10 minutes to do whatever I can, and that way I’ll feel like I actually accomplished something!
  • Spend at least 15 minutes with John every night. We haven’t been making time together a priority; we’ve just been so busy, but I feel like we need at least some time to connect every day.
  • Listen to an audiobook one hour a day. I’ve decided that I have no time to read but still want to enjoy a good book, so I’ve started checking out e-audiobooks from the library. It’s super cool; I have the book for 14 days and then it just disappears from an app on my phone. My first goal is to get through the Wheel of Time series, and if you know anything about this series… well, the first book is about 31 hours long, so this might take awhile.


  • Look at redesigning my blog. For those that are unfamiliar with the blogging world, having an amazing layout isn’t cheap! I want to have a complete makeover, including a new logo and a new framework. I have no idea what I want, but it’s time to start researching!
  • Post new coupons every day. I miss doing my couponing; I just haven’t had a lot of time or energy to put into it! I’m going to set aside some time every morning to find the new coupons and post them here daily, along with my regular posts. If I think there’s a good deal somewhere that goes with those coupons, I’ll try to post that as well!
  • Post to Instagram every day. I’ve been slacking in the social media department. I love taking pictures of everything, but I just plain forget most of the time. If I don’t post every day, I don’t get more followers, so that’s gotta change!

Wish me luck! I’m printing out this list and hanging it somewhere I can see it and not ignore it. Look out, May, here I come!


Monday 2nd of May 2016

Good luck! Your goals sound awesome, and achievable! I always have the problem of creating lofty goals and then not coming anywhere near hitting them. :-p

Kaitlynn Marie

Saturday 30th of April 2016

All great goals. I'm not sure if you were looking for someone to do everything, but if you aren't, I can certainly see what I can do. I know I can help out in the logo department. Just let me know if you're interested :)

And I wish you the best of luck with your 5k! I want to do one some day, myself. Also happy early birthday :)

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