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Goals for December 2016

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Goals for December 2016-

Do you ever have months where everything just flops? Yep, that was me in November. I had all these grand visions of what I was going to accomplish, and it all fell flat. I don’t have enough discipline to start a ton of habits at once, yet I seem to make myself try every month! December is just going to be kind of chill as I enjoy the holiday season and heavily prepare for 2017. I have big dreams and have a lot I want to accomplish! Let’s see how I did last month.


Organize both freezers – What we ended up doing was taking a file crate and putting all the bread in it, then using an insulated shopping bag for all meat. The rest kind of hangs out in the side baskets or in the freezer itself. It’s working well for now!

10-minute cleaning session every morning

10-minute pick-up every night


Buy 2017’s blogging planner- Just came in the mail yesterday. Excited to start filling it!

Have a one-hour planning session- I wonder if a power planner filling session last night counts? I put in as many monthly/weekly recurring posts as I could before I ran out of Post-Its.

Release email freebie

Re-read “How to Blog for Profit Without Selling Your Soul” by Ruth Soukup- I started it, but then got caught up in her e-course “Productivity Guide for Bloggers”. I’m slowly working through it!

 Goals for December


Bake cookies with Allison

Go see Christmas lights

Attempt to visit Santa- We’ve tried to take Allison before, but she’s only wanted to look at him from a distance. I guess we’ll see!

Hit 10,000 steps every day- I’ve slacked here and there. It’s so hard to get motivated, especially when I have a toddler constantly asking me to sit and watch her play! Not a bad thing, but hard on the step count.


Have a one-hour planning session for 2017 (or several)

Build up to one month of Pinterest pins scheduled

Try to get January, February, and March’s posts planned

Wish me luck! I’m hoping all of these will get accomplished. Post your goals in the comments, too; let’s encourage each other!



Stephanie Cox

Thursday 1st of December 2016

Good luck with your goals. I love having monthly goals to reach for. It allows me to see something that I've achieve at the end of the month.

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