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Goals for April 2017

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Goals for April 2017

Hello, April! Spring is here- which means lots of rain in Ohio. It’s been hard to get out in this good weather when it’s always so wet! Plus with the weather changing so often, Allison got sick again so we’ve been cooped up double-time. Thankfully things seem to be getting better, and we have lots to look forward to this month: Easter egg hunts, Easter services and dinner, and Kings Island! We get to visit Kings Island at the end of the month and I seriously cannot wait; I’m counting down the days.

A new month means new goals! What was I able to accomplish last month?


Enjoy our anniversary- You can see a couple pictures in my Breakfast With Bacon post, but we definitely enjoyed a night out: Shopping at Ollie’s Bargain Outlet (because we’re nerds), dinner at Five Guys, my first trip to Whole Foods (holy cow, the prices), dessert at Cheesecake Factory, and Captain America: Civil War.

Buy more craft supplies- I bought a laminator over the weekend! I’ve been wanting one for awhile to make more sturdy, reusable activities for Allison. I haven’t used it yet, but I’m excited to start.

Finish a 5k in 37 minutes- I ran the “No Buts About It” 5k on the 25th with some friends, and I finished in about 38:30. It was my fastest 5k, so I’m pretty happy!

Start the “Body By You” program- It took a few days to get used to, but I’ve found my groove. This program gives you 4 different exercise categories to do each time, and each category has 25 levels of exercises. When one gets too easy, you move up one level the next day. I’ve found that I do great with the squatting ones, but not so much the pulling (AKA pull-ups). My arms need some work!


Work through Elite Blog Academy- I’m going along pretty slowly. Maybe slower than others, but I’ve got limited time each day so I just do what I can!

Write 2 posts a day- Didn’t quite happen, but I’ve started getting the next week’s posts done a lot earlier, so I’m making some progress!

Scale back to 4 posts a week- This has really helped with my sanity and productivity. I’m really hoping my content is improving because of this!

 Goals for April


Do some Spring cleaning– I can’t wait to open up these windows! This house needs a good cleaning and decluttering.

Run a 5k in under 35 minutes– Last week I went for a couple more runs and found that my time is a lot faster than it was Saturday during the race. I ran a full 5k in 35:39! I’m such a beast. Now I want to improve on that and run faster and farther; perhaps a 10k is in my future for next year?

Laminate all the things– Search Pinterest and you’ll find all sorts of cute activities. Allison brought home a lacing card from church and loves it, so I’m gonna find some Spring-time ones to keep her busy.


Update one old post a week

Have a one-hour planning session

What are your goals for the month? Share with us in the comments!


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