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2016 Goals: Personal

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Goals for 2016: Personal.

Yesterday I shared my huge list of blogging goals for 2016, and today I want to do the same with my personal goals! I not only want to grow my business, but myself as a person as well. I spent a lot of time last year growing this blog and not enough time taking care of myself and my family. My personal goals are a mixture of self-improvement and relationship quality, and I hope to achieve and maintain these goals in 2016!

Lose the last bit of weight: I didn’t quite hit my goal at the end of 2015 like I wanted, but I got really, really close. Losing weight isn’t a race, so I won’t do anything drastic; just continue what I’m doing and I’ll get there soon!

Learn portion control: Once I hit my goal, I’ll continue to track my food for awhile, but I eventually want to get comfortable enough with food that I don’t need to count my calories because I just know the correct portions. I’ll just need to be really careful with this.

Maintain a workout schedule: I just started my 12-week Turbofire program this week and it’s kicking my butt! Once the 12 weeks is over, I’m going to create a new schedule that’s a mixture of Turbofire and PiYo to keep things interesting. I also need to keep myself motivated, because there are some mornings where I wake up and just tell myself, “Today’s not a good day to work out.” I have to drop that line of thinking immediately and instead stay excited about exercising because I love how it feels afterward!

Look into a gym membership: I’m really not sure about this, but it’s an open option. Our local YMCA is less than a 5-minute drive from the house, but it’s rather expensive, and there are a few other fitness centers close by as well. I’ll first have to decide whether I’m okay with just my workout DVDs, and if not, look into the cheapest/best option for our family.

Spend 15 minutes catching up with John every night. Once you have children, you get into this bad habit of crashing after they go to bed. I’m so tired, I just lay in bed and browse the internet for a few hours before bed, or watch TV with John. We don’t have a lot of interaction; we just sort of veg out, and then go to bed. I want to make our relationship a priority, and that means taking a few minutes each night catching up on the day’s events, talking about the next day, etc. We did this for a short while and it was great knowing that we’re on the same page and connecting.

Have at least one date night per month: I already have the dates planned, thanks to my 12 days of Christmas gift! We just need to make sure to put it on the calendar. I want to have at least one early evening date, and maybe a late-night date night where someone comes over after Allison goes to bed and just sits there, while John and I go out and sit with coffee or something.

Be more intentional about playing with Allison: I admit, I haven’t been the best about actively playing with her. Distractions surround me; the laundry needs to be washed, dinner needs to be prepped, my phone keeps beeping… I find myself getting up every couple minutes to do whatever “needs” to be done. I’m now keeping my phone in the bedroom so there are no more distractions; I’m parking my butt on the floor and playing with my daughter!

Go to more playdates: My MOPS group has over 50 moms; I have no excuse to not go on a playdate! I go to a good friend’s house once a week, but I’d like to do more. I love having Allison play with other kids and interact, instead of just sitting at home with me.

Continue MOPS again in the fall: This is my second year in MOPS and I just enjoy it so much. I first joined because I needed moms to interact with, to know I’m not alone, to come out of my shell, and to give Allison a chance to play for a couple hours while I get adult time. MOPS has changed me as a person; I’ve made so many friends, learned a lot about myself, and now have the opportunity to be on the leadership team doing computer stuff, which is what I was born to do. I’ll go every year until Allison’s too old to go!

Read 3 books on personal growth: I haven’t decided what these are yet, to be honest. I want to read, I want to better myself, but I lack discipline to read. I’m going to make time for books, because I so need this! I’ll definitely share when I figure out which ones I’ll do.

Have a cleaning schedule- 15 minutes a day: Oh my goodness, I’m so horrible at being motivated to clean. I’ve tried making schedule after schedule, and nothing works. As soon as naptime hits, I’m on the computer trying to do work, claiming I have no time to clean. Making myself clean the house is going to be like waking up in the mornings; just jump up and do it! Rip off that band-aid and get it over with; having that sense of accomplishment every day will really boost my motivation!

Make freezer meals to last a whole month, 2 months this year: I spend way too much time in the kitchen. I love cooking from scratch, but it’s very time-consuming and I’d love to be able to just pull something out of the freezer and call it done! So two months this year- probably February or March, and one later this year- I’m going to make enough freezer meals to last us the whole month. Breakfast and dinners. I’ll be spending a whole day cooking, but will only have to put in minimal effort the rest of the month. I’m also just very curious as to whether I’ll be saving any money, because I’ll be making multiples of the same meal which uses less ingredients. Look forward to blog posts about this!

Man, I’m glad I spread this out into two posts. I may be trying to do too much, but I’m just gonna take it a little bit at a time and do what I can. I’ll be looking back to this post every so often to keep myself accountable! Did you set any goals for yourself this year? I’d love to hear them!

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