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2016 Goals: Blogging

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Goals for 2016: Blogging

Happy 2016, everyone! I really enjoy the new year; I used to casually make new year’s resolutions, but never did anything with them and my excitement tapered off within the first month. Instead, I’m setting concrete goals to look at and push forward in this new year, and I can’t wait to see what this year brings! Today I’m posting my goals for blogging. I have a ton of ideas and goals I’d love to achieve, and I’m not sure how interesting this post will be to some of you. If anything, it’ll give you a look into my business life to see what I’ve done and where I’m going. Tomorrow will be my personal goals, so today let’s look at what I want to achieve with blogging this year!

1,000 Facebook likes: I really think I can do this! I’m already at almost 550 in less than a year.

200 email subscribers: As of today, I currently have 35. Email is one of the best ways to reach people, and I haven’t been utilizing it like I should. One of the things I’ll work on this year is making my email sign-up more prominent and offer incentives to sign up!

75,000 monthly page views: Wow, I remember when my goal was 10,000 monthly page views! I aimed to reach that by the end of the year, but I ended up doing it in September and it just climbed from there. December’s page views reached 48,000; at first, I made my goal in 2016 to reach 50,000, but I decided to aim big.

1 sponsored post per month: One of the ways I make money is through sponsored opportunities. A company pays me to write a post reviewing a product or service with my honest opinion. I’m pretty picky with what I choose to accept, because I only want to put things on there that I think will benefit you all. My goal is to find more networks to work with and bring you good reviews and content!

Buy a new phone: Right now I have a Samsung Galaxy S3, and I’d like to upgrade that to something with a better camera. All the pictures I take for the blog are through my phone, and sometimes it’s not the best quality. This kind of goes hand in hand with….

Grow photography skills: The internet is filled with amazing, free tutorials, and I want to better myself by taking more quality photos. Not only will my pictures look prettier, I’ll have more opportunities to work with brands because they’re looking for photos that are bright and of great quality.

Goals for 2016: Blogging

Create a work space: This is the current state of my computer desk. Oh. My. Goodness. As you can see, I don’t ever use it; my current workspace is our bed, and this has to change. I want to get a new computer desk, one with a big flat workspace, where I can store all my binders and work stuff and feel more organized.

Spend one hour per month brainstorming: I know I’ve got some great ideas, but I don’t designate a block of time to sitting down and getting them on paper. I’d love to be able to sit for an hour and just fill a paper with ideas!

New blog layout: In case you couldn’t tell, I created the logo myself. Not exactly the best, but I needed something to throw up there. I’d love to have someone create a new layout and logo to make this page look more professional. Time to start saving and researching, as it can get expensive!

Host 2 giveaways this year: I love giving away stuff and I’d love for you all to participate! My goal is to find things that I think would benefit you and host a giveaway to help you out!

Write an e-book: Now, this is in the very early stages, like “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if I wrote a book?”, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about for awhile. I’ll start with a very basic outline this month to see what I’m capable of, and once I feel like this will take off, I’ll start asking you all for help!

Can I do all of this in one year? Sure, why not! I’m pushing myself even harder this year to make myself and this blog better. Thank you all for sticking with me, and I hope to be able to look to you all for encouragement! Let’s make 2016 a great one!

Kaitlynn Marie

Saturday 2nd of January 2016

Awesome goals, and they definitely sound achievable. I'm right there with you on the sponsored posts, but I haven't done any yet. I definitely want to write an e-book too this year. My goals are similar for subscribers/likes, but a much smaller number. I don't really want to aim too high when I'm working with 0 right now, lol.

I might be able to help you out with a logo, though. If you're interested let me know :)



Sunday 3rd of January 2016

Thank you very much! =) I visited your blog and it looks awesome. You'll have no problem getting a good start.

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