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How I Coupon in 15 Minutes a Day

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Do you want to coupon but feel like you have no time? Here's how I coupon in 15 minutes a day!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like I just don’t have time to coupon. There’s so much information out there and trying to sort through it all just makes my brain spin! I also have a really short attention span, so I can’t be spending a ton of time staring at a computer screen.

I still want to save money, though, so over the past couple weeks I developed a system for myself that seems to be working pretty well; I’m beginning to coupon in just 15 minutes a day, before Allison wakes up!

Below I outline my morning routine for you that I can pretty much accomplish in 15 minutes; I set a timer and just do as much as I can until the timer goes off, and I seem to be able to get it all done.

Now this may look different from yours, as not all of you may have a Meijer or Kroger nearby, but it works the same: Find a site that works for you and the stores around you, and be on your way to saving money! Here’s my morning routine:

1.) Meijer Madness

Meijer is one of my main stores, so I check here every morning for any good deals. She’ll post the weekly ads and coupon matchups, as well as direct links to any new coupons to print.

2.) Meijer app

I also check Meijer’s mPerks coupons to see if there’s anything new. This is pretty easy because all I have to do is sort coupons by Newest and they’ll be right up on top. Rarely, there will be a coupon for a free item, so that’s why I tend to do this every day!

3.) KrogerKrazy

Now, I get her text message updates every day, so I don’t always check her website in the mornings because I’m already in the know. But she posts a nightly recap every day so it’s always nice to go back and make sure I didn’t miss anything.

4.) Krazy Coupon Lady

She posts pretty much anything and everything, and that can get overwhelming for me. I’m more interested in grocery items than I am clothing and stuff on Amazon, so I usually filter her posts for just the Ibotta deals as I’m trying to get back into the app again.

5.) Ibotta

Every few days Ibotta will have new rebate deals available, so I just double check and make sure I have all the ones I want activated. I don’t use the app often because I just don’t ever buy these items, but it’s always nice to check. By the way, am I the only one who’s noticed that there haven’t been many “Any brand” items around? I used to see milk and eggs every week but they seem to have fallen through the cracks.

6.) Cut/sort coupons

The last thing I do, if I have time, is cut all the coupons I may have printed. If it’s the beginning of the month, I’ll throw out any expired coupons, and I’ll also go through them to see if there are any I actually want to use before they expire.

Some days, I’ll go through the entire list in less than 10 minutes! Other days, if these sites have posted a lot or if I forgot to check a couple days in a row, I may only get through a few of them. I try to contain all of it in 15 minutes though, because I have other things to do… like tend to a waking toddler who can go from 0 to 60 as soon as she wakes up.

If you don’t have a Kroger or Meijer, here are some sites that contain other store deals that may be in your area:

Totally Target

I Heart Wags

I Heart CVS

I Heart The Mart

I Heart Publix


Are there any sites that you check every day? Share your links in the comments!



Thursday 19th of January 2017

We are going to Kroger and Aldi today so I'm going to see if Kroger has any coupons for the items on my list.

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